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    I've been procrastinating on this a bit because I want to make a good first impression, but here goes: I'm a college bound male in my late teens with a bit of an introverted disposition. I'm something of an aspiring writer, and I'm also a bit of a film/music aficionado. I've lurked on this site and similar communities in the past, but I've only recently gained the courage to actually make an account and share this side of myself. I'm not looking for anything in particular, I suppose I just wish to interact with others who share my obscure preference in a friendly and respectful way. If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask.

    Also, my name is a reference to the Joanna Newsom song of the same name. The song isn't related to infantilism in any way, it's just a tune I really love that happens to have "baby" in the title.

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    Hello BabyBirch! An hour without a hello is just a crime against all that is snuggly, so I'm happy to make sure it doesn't go very long! Welcome to ADISC and I'm glad you spend the time making a good first impression. It's noted and I really feel you did a stand-up job. If you have any questions or just need a helping hand or a friend, me and many of the members here would be ready and willing. I am totally here to be friendly and to listen, so feel free to talk as much as you need.

    While I'm not much of a film/music person myself, I think many people here share your love of writing and I'm sure many people other than me your love of films. What about flims excites you and made you choose to spend time enjoying them. Is it just your love of storytelling, as evident with your writing? I can totally understand that, I just feel like lot of the films I watch weren't made with a person like me in mind and I'm a very character oriented person. If I can't find a character to latch on to I have trouble getting into the story. You probably aren't the same way, but if you are totally tell me about it and just say anything you want about movies and your writing. Is there a particular project you are working on?

    I had never heard of the song, but it's an interesting name and it's great you picked a song you really like for it. Names definitely don't have to specifically do with infantillism, and they are more recognizable if anything if they aren't, so don't feel pressured to have a name like that. Just express yourself and everything will follow.

    What sort of food do you like? This might be an odd question, but why do you like that particular food and what sort of things does it make you think of? Like, happy times? Or does it just make your tummy wanna give you a handshake?

    What is your favorite season and why? What sorts of feelings do you get from that season, the things that seem distinctively "summer" or distinctively "winter".

    I hope these give you some interesting things to talk about, but share what you are willing and have a great time.

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    Thank you for your warm welcome! I suppose I am a fan of good storytelling, but I also like films for the aesthetics. I've been doing comedic writing as of late which has been interesting, but in my free time I'm also known to dabble in dreadful teenage poetry.

    I knew from lurking that many people didn't have infantilism related names, but I tend to be horribly indecisive about these kinds of things, so I just chose a name that was relevant to both the site and a personal interest.

    I'm not much of a food person, but I am inclined toward Indian, Italian, and Mexican cuisine.

    Summer is probably my favorite season, as I can't really stand the cold and springtime brings about allergies. I do have an odd affinity for gray days, however, so I do have some appreciation for fall/winter.

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