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Thread: My "Diaper Boxers" (with pictures)

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    Talking My "Diaper Boxers" (with pictures)

    Maybe this should be a blog.

    A couple people have asked me to clarify how I use baby diapers. I'm a 30-something DL who hasn't fit properly in a baby diaper for... about 30 years! But, for some reason, I just can't stop loving baby diapers. They're all I've ever used. Why stop now?!

    I don't much care for modding diapers. Instead, I mod boxer shorts to accommodate my favorite diapers. Here are some pictures of one of several pairs of boxers that I've tweaked...

    In the front, I just diaper-pin the front of the diaper to the inside of the waistband:

    Now this is where it gets interesting! On the back, I use iron-on twill patches to create "landing zones" for the tapes in the rear of the diaper:

    The patches have slots cut in them so that the tapes can be brought through to the back of the boxers. This is important, because the tapes on most diapers are sharp-edged, and will cut into your buttocks a bit if they're pinned to the *inside* of the shorts:

    The blue patches are located so that size 6 and size 7 Pampers and Huggies will fit snugly. The tan patches are for size 5 diapers. I don't use size 5 diapers much, but there are a few diapers I like that top out in that size, such as Huggies Pure and Natural (they're so soft!!).

    A few random shots of various diaper tapes in place...

    Pampers Cruisers size 7:

    Huggies Overnights size 6:

    Huggies Pure and Natural size 5:

    So, basically, I pin the diaper in there and then it's a lot like a big Pull-Up. Particularly when using the largest-sized diapers, such as Cruisers 7, Baby Dry 6, Overnights 6, etc., this arrangement can be very comfortable. I've actually worn a Cruisers 7 this way for a whole day. Ahhhhh…

    As far as using them goes: Obviously, diapers worn in this way are not safe to wear to bed if you're a bed-wetter, for instance! However, in other, less "extreme" circumstances, I haven't had any trouble actually using the diapers this way. Because they're just snug and not tight, the leak barriers stand up and all that, and are able to do their jobs very well.

    Anyway, if you're an adult DL or otherwise somebody who likes the idea of wearing baby diapers but finds them difficult to use, perhaps this will inspire you.

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    Now that's good work and I am proud to unofficially pronounce you a hacker. You saw something and found it unacceptable, so you went out of your way to fix it. Your work looks tidy too by the way; almost professional.


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    Yes, well done. Years ago I used to buy Gerber cloth baby pre-fold diapers and I would put them in my briefs underwear. I could, and probably still can, fit into toddler sized Gerber plastic pants. Of course I would have to wash the cloth diapers when I was done with them.

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    Very ingenious! I certainly wouldn't bother going to the trouble but for anyone who is really into that, it's a good suggestion with useful visual aids.

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    Very Cool. This kind of reminds me of the old Goodnites/Drynites Sleep Shorts they used to have.
    Boxers on the outside, a white diaper on the inside.

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    Hehe... Thanks for the kind words, everybody! As for "going to the trouble," well, the "trouble" is really just figuring out where the diaper tapes need to land on a particular pair of boxers. After that, it's all iron-ons and a few snips of the scissors. I freely admit to being the sort of person who'll build a thing completely out of zip ties and duct tape if I can, so "trouble" is something I avoid as much as possible.

    However, if somebody has never ironed before: My heavily obfuscated ADISC persona will not be held responsible for burns gotten while attempting to duplicate this.


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    What a neat modification. Might make me a pair of boxers like that this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABob View Post
    Might make me a pair of boxers like that this weekend.
    Cool! Keep me posted! One tip: Be sure to use boxers with a good tight waistband so that the diaper doesn't pull it down. In the end, the waistband is what keeps the diaper snug.


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    I vow to thee! (or bowl on these?) great work sir

    Baby diaper for the win!!!

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