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Thread: Lifeís Ups and Downs/ Community on ADISC

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    Iíve found myself saying this a lot on ADISC, and not that itís a bad thing, but I just thought Iíd make a thread about it. The simple thing I have thought up that seems to make me, and some otherís on this site, feel better is this.
    Life has its ups, and it has itís down.
    Now let me explain in further detail. When I am feeling down, whether it be from a bad day or just a depressing mood I canít shake, I just think to myself.
    ďI may be down, but that just means I am going up eventually.Ē
    And in all honesty, it works. To just think ahead and know that eventually, whether it is tomorrow or next week or what give you, things will get better. If youíre sad, youíll eventually feel happy. If youíre having trouble accepting yourself as an *B/DL, you have the help of everyone on this site, and we will help you feel better and accept yourself. If you are down because your friends or family do not accept you, then just know you can look up, and will see the people on ADISC holding out a helping hand to lift you back up.
    I hope this helps some people who are down on their luck right now; I know it has helped me in the past. Best of luck to everyone on this site and the downs they may face.

    On a side note, I would like to say that I am more happy then I could describe in words about being a part of this community. I know so many people on this site have touched so many lives, and to know that anyone here can just ask a question, or make a statement, and be heard by everyone is a marvel to behold.

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    That's a very positive out-look, Shadowhawk. I wish that there had been this kind this kind of support community around when I was your age, it would have saved me the years of lonely anguish I spent trying to understand why I was so different than everyone else around me. Anyway, I hope you are 'up' much more often than 'down'. Take care.

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