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Thread: Well, isn't Omegle interesting?

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    Red face Well, isn't Omegle interesting?

    Hello everyone, Forever3 here (been the nick sense I've begun). I was doing some random chatting and another "Stranger" pointed me here. Interesting place so far.
    I'm quite a interesting (read "odd") person, so if you think there's something ya wanna ask, fire away. :3


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    What is Omengle?

    Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

    What are your interests in diapers or age play?
    What are your outside interests?
    What are you looking for here?
    How do you want to be involved?

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    Omegle = like chatroulet, but without the webcam.
    ...silly me, I forgot an introduction. *insert Homer Simpson (doap) here*
    Been a DL for the better part of 24 years of my life, and for the first twelve (very confusing, I might add) years, I had no clue what I was... until the beauty of the internet came to be, and I found that there were others out there who were "like me". After which, I found the "furry's" and...well, it was all down-hill from there.
    Outside interests? Well, aside from suiting, I do metal work in several mediums, mostly jewelry and one or two armor pieces that I've managed to procrastinate into existence.
    What do I wish from here? My viewpoints and experiences are up for inspection, and my shoulder is there if necessary.

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