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    Hi all im nearly out of nappies and will need to buy some more does anyone know if a pack of adult nappies would fit in a 65 Litre rugsack ? sorry about the silly question its i dont want them not to fit in my bag i cant ride home on my motorbike.


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    They should fit in a 65 litre rucksack, unless you buy an enormous jumbo-sized pack. I have stored my adult nappies in a 65-litre rucksack before. It is possible that the package wouldn't fit in as is if it is very wide or your bag very narrow, in that case you may need to remove a few nappies to get the package in and then put them in loose at the top/bottom. Assuming you buy a regular pack of >28 nappies it is unlikely that you wouldn't be able to fit it all in with some arrangement. But I think it is unlikely you would need to open the package at all, they should just fit right in, they always have for me in my 65 litre rucksack, and also in my 40 litre rucksack.

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