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    Default Desktop or Laptop

    Anyone have advice on what direction I should go for a new computer, since i currently don't have my own anymore and need one.

    I was originally going to go desktop, because laptops aren't as powerful; however, since I'll be going to college next year I kinda think i should get a laptop for convenience. Also if i go with a laptop I'm not sure weather I should settle for something cheap that will work for the internet and school work or a better one that can actually be used for gaming. It might not be a bad thing to not be able to waste my time gaming once I'm in collage, so I'll actually get all my papers and stuff done properly instead of last minute which may be the case otherwise.

    Anyone have any input at all? Even suggestions for laptop's or parts (I'll probably build it if i go with a desktop). Also for me money isn't really a problem.

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    I had to make this choice awhile back. I settled for all in one desktop from HP. It was compact and still had the power I needed. It really depends if you are much of a note taker. Since laptops also get warm or can have loud fans, it really depends. Desktops and good investments I feel and that way not having to worry about replacing it during college. Those are just my thoughts and it all reall depends on your personal presence during class.

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    if money isn't a problem i would suggest getting a beefy desktop for gaming and a low-mid spec laptop for college with can't run high spec games (i learnt the hard way last year) but can run things like world of goo for those small breaks and can run an office suite

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    I'll second the powerful desktop plus cheap netbook suggestion.

    I vastly prefer a desktop, but sometimes it's nice to have a little portable computer. These days a reasonably capable netbook can be had for a few hundred dollars. Given the beating whatever you buy will probably take (getting shoved into and out of book bags, hauled around from class to class, etc..) not to mention the risk of theft, having something cheap that you don't have to worry too much about is a good idea.

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    If I were you, I would probably go with a net book for school work, more portable, and they are pretty cheap (saw some for ~$250 USD) and build a desktop, which saves you a lot of money if you are looking for performance, over buying a performance desktop. The parts for the desktop really depend on how much money you have and how much performance you need. I spent around $550 for mine, with 4 GB ram, an amd quad core processor and mobo, hard drive, case, and graphics card. It can handle gaming nicely, GTA and COD and Half Life (the only games I have atm) run fine, no lag or anything, which is nice considering the fact that it was a budget build. If you are looking for help with building a desktop, just create a thread here, and people will be more than happy enough, or pm me or anyone else that offers to help.

    Summary: I would go for a net book for college work and desktop for gaming and general use...perhaps use dropbox to sync the two.

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    I couldn't do a net book too small. Getting both is a good idea though; however it won't go over easy with much of my family and I don't need to start a bunch of crap over how i use my money, so i want to avoid doing it. However if i went slightly easy on the desktop( for example settle for a i3 instead of i7 processer) i could probably do both for the same price as the desktop I would build normally. That would please my family, to where it doesn't look like i'm spending more this way, and it would leave me money for emergencies. Plus I could always wait to get the laptop so it goes under the radar.

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    You can save a bit by going with AMD and ATI over Intel and Nvidia. I have no idea why so many people hate AMD, I haven't had a problem, and the processors are cheaper with more power for the same price, and the mobos are cheaper for the same specs. I went with AMD and have yet to have any problems.
    As for a laptop, I would go for dedicated graphics and an i5, or i7, but integrated wouldn't cut it. You might just get away with dedicated, but you could always switch it out with something more powerful.

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    I'm all for the desk-top as well. One thing I like doing is keeping one hard drive for your OS... and one or more other hard drives for storing files. I generally format every 6 - 12 months to keep the OS hard drive operating smoothly. But a desktop is easier to modify and trouble-shoot yourself, just in case you don't want some guy at the computer store seeing the websites you've been to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISO400 View Post
    But a desktop is easier to modify and trouble-shoot yourself, just in case you don't want some guy at the computer store seeing the websites you've been to.
    Other than CPU and GPU (if dedicated), it is pretty simple to troubleshoot and change parts between the two, the desktop is taking off the side of the case, the laptop it taking off the ram bay cover, or all the screws on the bottom of the case and four more screws (or two and sliding the drive out of the side of the case if applicable) to swap a hard drive. Troubleshooting software is the same, and troubleshooting hardware in a desktop might be harder since you have more that isn't integrated, but for the most part is GUI troubleshooters in general for both.

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    I'm in a semi-similar situation. I kinda wouldn't mind getting an android tablet, but a laptop is a much better price point item. However, I'm saving up for a new desktop pc for Christmas, so it may be okay for me to get a tablet anyway.

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