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    ABob here.

    I have been interested in diapers most of my life and I have been diapered 24/7 for the past 23 years. For the past five years I have had wetting accidents, day and night, due to type two diabetes. The night wetting is so bad I have wear a disposable diaper stuffed with two size 6 Huggies baby diapers and cloth diaper wrapped around my waist and a pair of plastic pants in order to wake up in a dry bed.

    I have many likes and hobbies. Geocaching, gold prospecting, gem cutting, metal detecting, micro controllers just to name a few.

    I work for a well known medical company. I make dilitation catheters (catheters that go inside the heart). I pride myself every day I go to work because I know I make a product that improves the life of others.

    I joined this forum to both share and receive information on incontinence, new adult diaper products and share stories of my life in diapers.

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    Well...welcome ABob! I forgot about Geo interesting hobby indeed. Formerly of Hospital/Medical services myself...I feel that I can relate to being a part of helping others...and I thank you in advance, and hope that I never need a dilitation catheter (or another Foley, for that matter). By the way...does a dilitation differ in that it has a torque-shaft?

    There sure is allot to get to know about diabetes too...I'll look forward to seeing you in the forums.


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    Welcome to the forum! Nice to see another Geocacher on here!

    If you want to know about some more adult diapers out there you can head on over to the "Articles" section and click on "Diaper Reviews"


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    Welcome to the community, ABob.
    It is nice to see another Geocaching metal-detecting microcontroller guy around here :P
    You actually seem like my uncle, metal detecting and gemcutting, and he does a bit of minor electronics repairs. Hope you enjoy the community, and if you ever need help just ask on the forums or in the IRC (Chat button at the top of the screen). There will always be people willing to provide support, as well as help you, so maybe drop by and get the scoop on the live chat :P

    Once again, welcome to the community and have fun.


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