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Thread: Quitting being DL?

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    I decided to quit this habit, I once believed that it is abnormal and weird and wanted the urge to wear a nappy to go away, I then got to wear one and
    accepted it. Now I have gone back to my original feelings and through out my
    remaining unused stash of nappies and recycled the metal box I stored them in. Iam unsure whether to have a 'one last try' and quit or to try and quit
    which nearly worked, the only place to hide them is between the mattress and
    bed base. The mattress is heavy and there is a 95% chance that someone
    will look under there. Reason for quitting are:

    1. I feel that it is abnormal.
    2. Fear of being discovered
    3. Fear of accidently being coming incon.
    4. Wanting a GF so habit would not be good.

    What do you guys think? Quit now or try wearing one last time?

    P.S. I am not new, I am Justo but have closed the email account associated
    with the username 'Justo'.

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    Sorry my friend, but what your trying to do is impossible. Try reading this:

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    Closing this for now - feel free to re-create this topic once your account troubles have been sorted out.

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