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    Do any of you ever talk to your plush like it really hears you. Or lick it like an animal kiss. Don't figure it is a possibility that talking to your plushy could become mentally unhealthy? Well i hope not, because i sure talk to Tadd a lot.

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    As long as Tadd doesn't think you're being clingy. =p

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    I talk to mine often, but i don't 'really' think he can here me. I do give him a peck on the cheek from time to time, but have never licked it or really pressed my lips against it. But he is so adorable! He does keep me company at work every night, because i work alone and on the night shift. So i need company.

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    Well, I pat mine on the heads/pat them like a cat (one of them is a toy cat, actually) when I'm rearranging them after making my bed for the day.

    And I'll apologise if I step on them or if I think I put them in an 'umcomfortable' pose, whilst rearranging them to be more comfortable (i.e. Teddy's foot is not in kitty's face and so on).

    I know they aren't real but I just seem to do it automatically. Always feel a little silly doing so but it makes me laugh at myself.

    I have a small collection of plushies/cuddly toys that I always keep on my bed, as they have special meanings attached to them from the people who gave them to me.

    As well because I find them comforting, cute and colourful. If one goes missing, I am actually rather upset til I find it again and put it back on the bed. Although, that could be the neat freak side of me kicking in.

    EDIT: Oh yes, and I kiss them from time to time too. Usually before placing them in their reserved spot on the covers.

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    Dang, i wish i could bring Tadd to work. Well i know he isn't real, but i guess i go along with Mei, its just automatic for me, i actually do apologise when i do something like that too. But i do have to admit, sometimes i lick his fore head, i think its the furry Tiger side of me.

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    Hee hee, that's pretty cute, Tyger. I used to lick my cats and our pet German Shepard on occasion when I was younger (as I read somewhere that animal's way of showing affection or 'kissing' was licking) so I used to try that to show them how much I loved them. Lol. Learned pretty quickly you get a furry tongue. XD

    Hmm, well, how big is Tadd? Could you bring him to work and tape or stick him onto your computer monitor/the cash register/your work station, like some people do with little figurines or stickers at their work places?

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    Meh ,i usally have my polar bear timmy with me whenever i can have him, i sometimes talk to him ,and tell him things ,and i kiss him alot,never licked him tho.

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    I feel ya!
    I have a gigantic fuzzy bear that I named Little Brother and we has a connection, y'knowha'i'msaying?
    Sometimes I talk to him like he is my little brother, even though he's a gigantic bear. Lol <3

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    Though I don't own much in the way of animal plushies, I own many dolls and plushies and I give them all oodles of attention. I've been a doll person and will fall asleep nuzzling them, so yes they get tons of hugs and kisses and tons of conversations where I talk for them but it's totally what they are telling me to say in my mind. I like expressing my happiness through those acts, not just with plushies but with people..

    So beware! Muhahahaha!

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    I kisses my plushies all the time. Particularly my big pink bear Pinkie. Can't say i really talk to them much. @[email protected] i mostly talk to myself.

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