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Thread: new and introduction Setting goals to do while wearing a diaper

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    Default new and introduction Setting goals to do while wearing a diaper

    Hi, this is very new to me so I'm not sure I can say much. but i guess everyone here likes the same thing goes. I really like to wear diapers and have some very crazy 'goals' i've set for myself to do in a diaper before the summer ends. so we will see if i make it. I would like to know if any one else sets 'goals' (like what things/where to go while wearing a diaper). I know it sounds crazy but i'm just wondering if anyone else has and if so what were/are the 'goals'

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    i hate that 'lurker' above my name...

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    Hi, welcome to the site.

    Why don't you tell us about yourself other than your interest in diapers. For example: your hobbies, favourite music, and I'm also intrigued as to what sort of goals you have set yourself.

    And if you don't like the "lurker" status, there's an incredibly simple way of getting rid of it; post, post on threads that interest you, where you can give advice based on your experiences, post threads asking questions if you have any, or if you need support.
    As I said; incredibly simple.


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    well, I'm 25 and I work in at an electronics retail store. When I'm not working I like to do outdoor stuff like hiking and biking and some rock climbing and a little fishing too. I pretty much like hanging out with my friends and that's about it. Oh, I live with my girl friend and she is the most awesome person in the world

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    Welcome to the site. I enjoy biking as well. I have a Trek 1200 and a 7.5. I've done a lot of fishing, both salt and fresh water. As they say, a bad day of fishing is way better than your best day at work.

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    very true have you ever spent the entire day fishing while wearing a diapie? that's one of my goals to do this summer but have not figured out how to do since i go with friends and don't really want them to know. so i want to plan a half day off work and go be myself so we will see if that happens

    I ride a very old but very cool Fuji Outlander mostly on the road or paved trails because it's a bit too far to go off road and my gf really doesn't like off road, but i would like to do more off road because i hate dealing with traffic ;(

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    I don't know where you live but, sitting outside all day in the sun, in a diaper, in the middle of summer, sounds like you'll be getting your diaper soaked with sweat. I sweat too easily especially living in Louisiana doesn't help.

    I usually don't accomplish my diaper goals too much, except for buying them. I would set a goal to wear and use a diaper until it was soaked. Then sometimes the birds and bees ruin it lol. Goals are not for me either. I usually set my goals too far and lose hope. Too much crap in the government to hope for anything these days.

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