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Thread: Been getting more and more into it

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    Default Been getting more and more into it

    So as the title suggests, I've been getting more and more into the BF/DF scene and quite honestly, I've never been happier. As an AB/DL I had always felt like something was missing from that aspect of my life. I joined FTT as one of my very first forums and that introduced me to my first taste of the furry lifestyle. Once I came here I discovered even more of this lifestyle and as I became more acclimated, the more I felt like I had found what was missing. I love being a fox, I love wearing my tail, and I love my diapers all at the same time!

    I know this sounds a lot like a blog entry kind of thing, but I want this to be meant as a thank you to everyone out there who helped to introduce me to this wonderful fandom! I love you all and I really look forward to becoming an even more active member on the Babyfur section here.

    (oh yeah I'm also on FA and and I'm looking to start up some art so keep an eye out )

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    Awesome! Welcome to our world!

    I totally agree with your insight. Once I realized that little fox inside me, something clicked. An overwhelming sense of peace came over me. Cherish that sentiment and keep it as your strength.

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    Glad to hear others with the same feelings ^^

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