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Thread: My Friends Answered the Delivery for my Diapers!

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    Default My Friends Answered the Delivery for my Diapers!

    Ok, so recently I moved out of my dad's house and got my own 1 bedroom apartment. It's been pretty chill and all, and I knew ordering diapers would be easier than ever.

    I ordered a pack of Abri-form M3 (why get M4 when there's only 14 in the pack vs 22 in M3?) from XP medical. I must say, XP medical's service is very fast because it came in two days. However, it arrived the same day my friends decided to stay the night!

    I had 3 friends crash in my living room, while I slept comfortably in my bed. I woke up around noon the next day, and went into the living room to find my friends (with additional friends that they invited over themselves) hanging out chilling.

    Then one of them is like, "Oh yeah, the Fedex guy came with a package for you." Of course I knew it was my diapers because I ordered them with Fedex. One of my friends asked me what was in the package, and I just told them it was none of their business LOL.

    But yeah kind of a close call in a way. Discrete shipping really saved my ass on this one.

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    Im glad you were able to keep it secret. I order from xp also. If it weren't for discreet shipping I would be diaperless. I share property with my mom. Her and my stepdad lives 30 yards across the drive way from my place. Everytime if I don't catch the fed ex guy he delivers to her house. I even put my address numbers on my place and he still gives her the box or drops it on her porch. Thankfully she never ask what I it is or has opened any of them. :-/

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    wow you got lucky ,at least your friends arnt nosey ,cant wait to get my own place in a few years

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    You really dodged a bullet there my friend. Glad it all worked out. Next time though, try not to even give them a chance to answer for your diapers. They might just take them for themselves. :P Jk.

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    What a really close call. You are one lucky person. They didn't open the package.

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    That's kind of why I'm not diapered now. I like my roommates but way too many nosey people for my taste.

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    My friends would open it up...then get stoned...and never let me live it down. Good kids...good kids. hahaha. Your a lucky man!

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    Well, its a good thing your friends don't know whats in it.
    Could be worse, like having an older sibling and his friends answering the delivery, and coming home to them circled around it on a table with a giant hole in the side x.x

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    You are very lucky, if it had been my friends they properly would have opened the package.

    The closest I had was I decied to bulk up and order a few packets [3] from a ebay site oversea. It is hard to get good diapers in Australia.

    I had to collect them from the post office. When the lady bought out the packages I couldn't carry them due to the size of the boxes. Luck would have it my neighbour worked a the post office, she offered to help carry to my car. I couldn't say no.

    When we got to my car she ask what was In the packs as there were large boxes but very light. I hesitated and said some clothing I ordered of ebay. She left and I though that was a close call.

    It wasn't till I got home and realised the customs form that was on the box said "medical items - [diapers]" on it. She has not said anything but whenever I see her I feel like she is checking me out to see if I am wearing one.

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    I get the feeling she did not read the label, Nappiboy, or she wouldn't have asked the question that way. She would have asked, "Why do you have three boxes of diapers?" Pretty sure you are fine. As for explaining boxes. In college I would either say it was a package from my mom or computer parts. I somehow feel it is better to have a good cover story rather than say it is none of someone's business, as that seems to give room for curiosity, unless they are people you aren't close to, in which case it really is none of their business.

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