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    My name is Simon , I am multi disabled I have been wearing nappies now for the last seven years mainly because of the disablements , I did have a carer up till february of this year she was also my partner . I am very happy that I have joined this site to make new friends .

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    Hey there! Welcome!
    Extra credit for using the word 'nappies' - it's rare around here and I miss it!
    I've no doubt you'll make friends here - if you stick around and contribute you'll find us all a welcoming bunch! And there are other disabled people here, too, if you can find them!

    May I be so bold as to ask about your disabilities and how they affect you? I find it gives us a clearer picture of the person we're talking to
    And while I'm in an inquisitive mood...
    ... Do you partake in any hobbies?
    ... What happened to your partner, if you don't mind sharing?
    ... Do you like toast?
    ... Is there a movie that makes you cry?

    Welcome again Simon - hope to see you around the forum or IRC

    Dan x

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    Hi Simon,
    and welcome to the group, I second Dan's comments about nappies (diapers Indeed- anyone would think the Americans invented them) and I also tend to call pants 'Rubbers' as thats what they were when I was growing up. If I can help in any way just drop me a line.

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    Hi I am very happy to talk about my disabilities , although they do read like a shopping list at asda lol .
    I suffer with IHD,CFS, Fibromyalgia, temperol lobe Epilepsy , I have had previous two strokes and a heart attack ,I am a full time wheelchair user and although i have all these problems I still maintain a a laugh , On the hobbies side of things I have a fair few which some I can no longer do but try if you see what i mean , these include digital photograpy, Home DIY, my main intrest is Steam from tractors to trains and narrow boats . I spend my holidays in somerset where I can be right at the fore front of a steam train .I love toast . an actor once said that if you can cry at a movie then you can act , my ex partner left me because of the disabilities and the fact that i wear nappies and also have to be fed .

    please write back soon

    Simon x

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    Hi and thank you for your welcome to the group. can i say that its be somewhat of a lonely life thinking that I was the only one with this problem , then I typed in the search box adult baby , i sat here for a while and read everything that i possibly could without tiring myself out because of the problem i have with CFS.

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