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Thread: (Warning! EXTREMELY mature!) Ohh, I'm REALLY confused right now!

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    Exclamation (Warning! EXTREMELY mature!) Ohh, I'm REALLY confused right now!

    I'm RPing with someone right now, where a daycare runner punishes one of her helpers for wetting himself. Right now we're getting intimate, and the helper is a boy! I'm rock hard right now, and we're getting really detailed.

    Weird thing is, I'M STRAIGHT!!! And we're even using "penis". I don't know what's going on, someone please explain this to me!

    Sorry if I'm sounding extremely stupid right now (I get the feeling I am), but I'm starting to freak out! I have no prejudice against homosexual people (or any people for that matter), but I never thought I'd be one! Please, someone help!

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    I assume that the RP scenario itself 'excites' you. Otherwise, you probably would not like being in the RP. Just because a fictional fantasy (kinda redundant) get you hard, does not mean you would react the same way in a RL scenario. When i imagine getting kidnapped, i get 'excited'. I am pretty sure i would be scared out of my mind if it happened IRL. So getting excited by being punished by another boy in a daycare setting on an RP, does not mean you are gay.

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    GO EASY ON YOURSELF. Calm down, dude!

    Maybe, possibly, you do have some suppressed homosexual urges..? Or maybe it's just the diaper fantasy getting you off. Only you can really be sure what feelings you have.

    But keep in mind, we're teenagers. We all get crazy sexual feelings all the time, and it's completely normal!
    In fact, I think discovering your true sexual wants and needs is one of the most important parts of being a teen. No need to freak out!

    My best advice: Just keep an open mind. Don't decide, "This is who I am, this is what I like." If you decide at any point you like guys, awesome! If not, cool!
    Even if you do turn out to be gay, that doesn't change who you are. You'll still be you!

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    Okay, okay. I'm not mad at myself, I don't care if I turn out bi. I'm just terrified of how all my friends and family will react if I'm bi.

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    Ha, that's always the tough part.

    Of course, if you do decide you are bi then you don't really have to tell anyone. You could just date girls, I suppose.
    I'm gay though, I don't want a girlfriend. I'll have to come out to everyone at some point...ugh.

    I've told a couple of friends, they think it's totally cool. I guess the best thing I could say about coming out is that if your friends and family truly love you, they shouldn't look at you any differently once you tell them. They'll just know a little more about you!

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    What ABalex said makes sense: the concept behind the roleplay probably got you excited, not necessarily the people involved. Exploring your sexuality is part of being a teen, as Col mentioned. It doesn't immediately means you're gay. Often, the whole process takes time. I know someone who first thought he was gay, then bisexual before he realized he was straight all along. As for myself, it took me a couple of years before I fully accepted myself as being gay.

    You could be bisexual. It doesn't mean you're interested in both sexes 50/50, the ratio is different for everyone. Anyhow, you shouldn't worry about your sexuality as it doesn't change the person you are.

    Unfortunately, I can't really offer advice on coming out as it is something that I still have to do myself. However, based on research I've made, you should try to figure out the views of the people around you on the subject. Start coming out to friends as this can prepare you to coming out to family. When you are ready, just pick the right time and go for it. Maybe you won't need this advice at all, but it's here I you do.

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    You consider yourself straight, so will you consider yourself a lesbian if you transition genders someday? It sort of comes down to preferred label, I guess. Some non-transitioned TGs in your situation may consider themselves lesbians already while others may just consider themselves straight for the moment. It can be confusing.

    I eventually sort of came to the conclusion that I am biromantic semi-asexual. At least that is the easiest way to explain it. It's probably a little more complicated than that. I have yet to tell my family about anything though... maybe soon.

    Anyway, just go with what feels right to you. It may take you a while to figure out your sexuality. Don't worry too much about labels if you can help it.

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    Thanks, guys. I guess I was just overreacting there.

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    No problem... Teens seem to do that... Especially teens with the mind of a baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    I eventually sort of came to the conclusion that I am biromantic semi-asexual. At least that is the easiest way to explain it. It's probably a little more complicated than that.
    You have pretty much just described what I call myself.

    I used to second guess my sexuality. I would, and I'll keep this as clean as possible, fantasize.

    The fantasies got me to second guess: "am I gay? Bi? What?"

    People seem to believe that sexuality is black and white. It's not. Sexuality is a wide spectrum.

    I would call myself a "bi-romantic heterosexual." I also have asexual qualities in the sense that sexual organs are just that: organs. Parts of the body. Nothing too arousing there.

    People immediately assume they are gay because of one fantasy, or one erection, or one thought.
    And they stick to it. "I thought about this, so I must be that."

    It's not that simple. It is never that simple. It can take years for one person to understand their sexuality. There are men divorcing their wives because they discovered they are gay.

    It's healthy to explore your sexuality.

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