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    Your access to the site is limited because you aren't posting much. Post more and you'll get better access.
    What on earth is this? I can't post ANYTHING so it's impossible to post "more"

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    Your status is currently a Lurker.

    Post on the forums you *do* have access to and it will raise your user-level and open up more features.

    It's a security and privacy thing, so not everybody can see everything that goes on here.

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    They set you to lurker (I'm assuming you didn't use to be, but I could be wrong, and I don't feel like checking) if you are inactive for a month I believe...It used to be a week, but there were complaints, so Moo upped it to a month (or 3 weeks)...If you weren't demoted, then you're a lurker with limited access for safety reasons and all that...We have some boards that we don't want anyone just coming in and seeing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grub View Post
    I can't post ANYTHING
    that IS rather ackward... see... you just DID...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevintje View Post
    that IS rather ackward... see... you just DID...
    What happened was that i couldn't read forums, I couldn't even get to my OWN profile, I tried to post in the introduction forum and I tried a couple of other as well. The only thing I could do is what the dialog box said i could do and that was start a new thread called "Requests" ... I couldn't even see the one that is there now.

    It's kind of silly really ... if someone has posted on-topic and relevant posts and then can't get on for some reason ... not everyone can live on the forums ... they shouldn't effectively have their accounts shut down. I've posted enough to show that I am a commited AB/DL and not a lurker or troll ... surely that should count for something

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    Lurker status and possibly newbie seems to be rather bugged atm as its blocking people from their own profile and there may be other issues. Mods are aware of and waiting for moo to fix it.

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