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Thread: The Comets are coming!

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    Default The Comets are coming!

    Within the end of the year, we will have 3 known comets crossing earths orbit pretty closely. They are called Elenin, Honda, and Levy. Levy being the closest being about .0022AU(AU = Astromonical Units, 1.000 = the distance the Earth is from the Sun Moon is .0001AU away.) away from us.

    It will be pretty awesome to watch. If you missed Haley's Comet this time around. You can see 3 of them coming very soon. All of them will be leaving their tail debris in our path leading to meteor showers.
    I know that Elenin is coming from the Leo constellation between its rear legs in the west just after sundown you should see Leo. I'm not too sure about the others yet.

    Any other Space nuts out there?
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    I'm not a huge space buff, but I definitely love staring up at the stars. When are they supposed to pass Earth? I'll definitely have to check them out.

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    I'm more for the "manned" exploration of space. (Spirit and Opportunity did an awsome job of showing us the surface of Mars, but I would rather be there myself.) However, you have my attention. PM me when you have dates, I hope they will be visible in the Western sky and I'll be on graveyard shift to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    Any other Space nuts out there?
    yep, but i'm not going to bother looking out for anything special in the night-sky: i live in Britain, on the Pennines, and if it isn't cloudy and raining, it'll be obscured by the hills. wasted too much time already, just show me the pics.

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    I love watching space documentries about space. To learn more than what we can see with a naked eye. There's stars out there that make our Sun seem like a speck of sand.

    Compared to the star Antares...the sun isn't even a speck standing next to it. I find that amazing. They say that if you'd put Antares in our Solar system it would be a radius reaching passed Jupiter and just outside the orbit of Saturn, from the center of where our sun is would be the center of Antares. But it's so far away it looks like a dot in the night sky.

    As soon as I can collect some date information I'll pass it along.

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    you kidding me, I love space. I want to go to space sometime. but when are the three comets passing by?

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    I will certainly keep an eye out for these! I absolutely love watching the stars at night with binoculars and can identify maybe 10 or so major constellations.

    However, in the constellation Leo, is the famous "Leo's Sickle": the lion's head (resembling a mane), or tail? Just so I can find the legs lol.

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    I remember when i was a kid ( about 5 ) i saw a shooting star, not sure if it was a comet, but i still remember, it was a beautiful site

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    Magnitude = brightness of object... the lower the magnitude the brighter it is.

    * August 7 - Moves from Leo in the constellation Virgo. Earth distance: 133 million miles. Now at 10th magnitude. Might still be visible from the southern U.S. very low in the west during late twilight through a telescope.

    * First week of September - Now at 7th magnitude and visible in binoculars very low in the west to experienced observers in the southern hemisphere. Earth distance on the 3rd: 84.3 million miles

    * September 11 - Perihelion or closest approach to the sun. Sun- comet distance: 44.6 million miles. Earth distance: 65.1 million miles. Comet lost in the sun/twilight glare and not visible. Magnitude 6.2

    * September 26 - Elenin about 2.25 degrees due north of and in conjunction with the sun (closest to the sun seen from Earth) Still not visible.

    * Around October 4 - It’s finally here! Appears low in the morning sky at dawn in the constellation Leo while fading to magnitude 6.3 Earth distance: 27.9 million miles

    * October 16 – Closest approach to Earth at 21.7 million miles. Magnitude 7.0

    * Into late October - mid November - We could see debris from the tail of comet hitting the atmosphere and creating shooting stars.
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