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Thread: I'm actually doing this, ooh boy is it nerve racking!

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    Default I'm actually doing this, ooh boy is it nerve racking!

    Hey everyone!

    As you can see my name is RangerR, and this would be my introductory post. I don't know if the first post was a nerve racking moment for any of the rest of you, but it truly is for me. Yikes!

    I've read several forum posts over the past year or so (yes I know, a long time to be lurking and reading without contributing), and finally decided to make the jump, and join, for better or worse. I've been interested in diapers and have worn them off and on all of my life. (I was a chronic bedwetter until about the age of 17 or 18, and still have accidents on the rare occasion). Needless to say diapers still remain part of my life even 10 years later. I realized my DL side about the tme I was 14 years old (if you're gonna have to wear 'em, might as well enjoy them a bit).

    I just recently finished up college (again), I have two undergraduate degrees, and just received my Masters degree. I believe that a PhD will be in the works before too long, but am taking a break for the next year or two to just relax and concentrate on building my career. I do work as a park ranger, have worked in I.T. for 10 plus years, ran a radio station for 2 years, and do public budget and finance as well. I also spent several years working fast food. Basically I rarely only have one job... I am a workaholic I'll admit. Eventually I would like to end up working in the public sector permanently, but we'll see...

    The love of my life is music (followed very closely by intelligently discussing politics). I play guitar, piano, saxophone, bass, clarinet, and synthesizers. I have played in several small bands, and have played my fair share of shows. I write music; techno, rock, and jazz, and it consumes a lot of my freetime. I also love skateboarding, snowboarding, and hiking.

    Basically I'm excited, and very nervous to be here, as this is the first time I've ever been public about this side of my life. I hope This will be a good experience for myself, and I can be a valuable contributor to the forums here.

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    Well im more than happy to say welcome! We don't bite too bad I promise
    I enjoy music as well xD it's probably the best form of self expression.
    I don't have a lot to say on the count I'm tired xD but just relax, we aren't here to judge you :3

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    Welcome aboard, RangerR!

    I was a little nervous about my first post also, but everybody has been very supportive so far. My first time talking about my interest in diapers was just a few days ago! After 30 years of being a DL!! I don't know what I was waiting for. It's REALLY good to have it out there! Hopefully you'll discover that also.

    Good to see another musician here! I mostly play old-school winds and classical music myself. But I do like to *listen* to techno!

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing you around!


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