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Thread: What can you put in diaper for a messy diaper feel?

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    Default What can you put in diaper for a messy diaper feel?

    What can you use in your diaper to simulate a messy diaper because of the smell of a messy diaper. I have heard bananas or oatmeal anything else?

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    i was going to say oatmeal but because u have that covered let me think...... oh thats right i havent even tried diapers yet!
    but i heard that some yogurts work but u also have to decide one very gross thing:
    Hard (meaning just not complete mush like a bannana) or Soft stools (complete mush; oatmeal/yogurt)?

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    I know people have expanded the suggested fruits past bananas to incorporate things like oranges in the past. I personally am not a huge fan of bananas though oatmeal does seem interesting to say the least.

    I would suggest using the search function since we have many threads with similar questions being poised in our archives.

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    Personally I have tried banana. I would suggest you give that ago.

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    Banana's are great in my opinion. Never tried anything else though

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    Even though I much prefer oatmeal and bananas, you could always try putting yogurt in your diaper.

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    I like oatmeal the best myself. I have also herd of others using pudding. I also have herd of people adding a bit of veggi oil to the oatmeal but I never tried & I think would be a bit hard to clean up.
    good luck on your search & have fun!

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    I would suggest oatmeal or something similar. But as kwis said, try searching, because I know there are more threads like this one. Anyway, best of luck in your messy escapades. :P

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    Anyone try refried beans? It's mushy and has the same color lol.

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    One problem that I see with fake #2's is that you still have the cleanup. Unless your hiney is smooth as an actual baby's you are going to get that stuff stuck in the hair. I have done both the oatmeal and the bananas as a kid and both were not only harder to cleanup than an actual #2, they clung tighter and actual hurt to degunk off my bottom. Now maybe I am hairier than most, but that was my experience.

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