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Thread: Hi We are Helen and Sarah

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    Default Hi We are Helen and Sarah

    Hello all,
    First thing we are actually two seperate people, We know this may be confusing for some people and appologise if it breaks some form of rule. The reasoning for this sharing is we are civil partners and we like to do things together, (including internetting!)
    We are both english and quite proud of it. We are going to share a little of our history with you so you know a little about us and what makes us spin.

    We met in the "classic" girl meets girl in a cafe, girl forgot wallet, girl paid for other girls drink, four year relationship and civil partnership ensues scenario. Helen is slightly forgetfull and clumsy but has a unique sense of humor. Sarah likes to plan everything but can be so close lipped about her plans that they come off as wild and spontaneous.

    As far as nappies and babyishness goes Helen is AB and has long term night-time wetting issues. Sarah mainly takes a caretaker role but every so often will switch roles. We tend to have about a day of AB-play every couple of weeks.

    We like holidays on the beach, Rose Wine and Lie ins on sunday. Helen likes painting and photography. Sarah likes long walks and camping.

    We have joined up to try and find some new friends who share interests with us.

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    Hi and welcome! I don't think sharing an account breaks any rules, but it will be interesting having two different voices come through one account.

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    It may be easier to just to make two different accounts :P. I digress though, welcome to the site! You guys covered what the majority of the questions are after the first post like "Hobbies?interests? yada yada yada yada" so i'll keep it short and sweet. Welcome.

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    Hello Helen and Sarah, and welcome. Quite the storybook tale of how you met! I'm sure you'll make friends here! I don't know but I think there are other wine affecianatos on here.

    Also, we do tend to ask people to have individual screennames. We usually get to know people on here as friends, and having each of you be distinct would help in that.

    That said, welcome!

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    Welcome to ADISC!! We're more than happy to have you both. Although I may be underage (for drinking..) I do enjoy my wine!! <3333 yum!

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    Welcome to to ADISC. That was wonderful introduction. It shouldn't be a problem having you both sharing same account. May I suggest that you can sign your future posts by your name so we can know who typed that... just a thought. =)

    Photography and holidays on beach sound really awesome. Something I love to do as well. Again, welcome and hope you enjoy your time here so far.

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    Hey and welcome to ADISC Helen and Sarah!! Like others have said dont see a problem with the sharing of accounts other than trying to figure who posts what lol
    but welcome ^^ There are many people here with the same interests DL/AB related of course and others as well.
    And its cool that you share a account :p
    I greet two people at once.
    If you ever want to chat Im here and so are people on the IRC <--(Great place to make new buddies) but yeah enjoy your stay in ADISC.

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    Hello Sellen and welcome to the site. We discuss a lot of things here, but the two of you can discuss them without the rest of us because there are two of you. There are two of me as well, dog and boy. When they merge, I am an adult, but separate, I am either a boy or a dog. When in my dog state, my wife must take me out for a walk, and when in my boy state, she is required by law to register me at school.

    Anyway, I suspect you might eventually want to assert your own individuality and make separate identities. We have had couple's on here in the past who would both get on at the same time and it got very interesting as they bantered back and forth. Regardless, we'lre glad to have you on board. Welcome!

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    Welcome to ADISC, Helen and Sarah. Nice introduction and it will be nice to see you both interacting here on the site. Hope that this site provides a friendly and concise resource for y'all. Congrats on your civil partnership as well!

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    I do believe this intro deserves an A!

    Sarah, you say you like camping? Do you mean sleeping out of a camper/tent/under the stars?
    I'm a very hardcore lumberjack-wilderness type guy; once I turn 18 I plan to go on a weeklong camping/hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains.

    Anyways, great to have a couple new members! Welcome!

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