hai guys! wow its been a loooooooooong time since i've been super active around here, but im gonna change that. i decided to do a bit more writing again like i used to. some of you have read my stories. that is if you're still on this site :P anyways im definately going to be doing short story requests and i think i might do a choose your own adventure story as soon as i get back up to speed.

so send in your ideas either here or if you have a personal story you want but feel that you don't want to show it in the thread, send it to me in private message. also please post any ideas for the choose your own adventure story. i just might choose yours.

ps i won't do anything sexual. just saying.

also, im posting this here because i do furry stories and i love doing things for the furry community. plus i know that a lot of people have plenty of ideas but either have no time to write them or no confidence in their writing skills to try. so if you send them to me, i will try to help your ideas come to life.