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    Hiyas. I joined a few weeks ago but I's beed bizzy!

    I's Johnipoohs and I is in London and Brighton. I sometimes go to ABC (Adult Baby Club) in London

    I's beed in nappyz since I wased not very well in the 1990s with my botty bits and haved to wear nappyz. But then I liked thems hehehehe! I finded that wearing nappyz and going when I want to made me better, so now I wear them all the times I can. I use Tena Slip Maxi Medium

    I havednt used a toilet for 7 weeks now and I's very happy in a nappy.

    Nappyz make me go back to my toddly years, my Innerkid. I hate growed ups coz theys all mean, wars, killing, greed, rape, child abuse. When I's my Innerkid I casnt be a growed up so I's good and nice to peeples.

    My hero is Oskar Matzerath in "the Tin Drum".

    [Removed] I got sorta 21-years old taste in musics and dancings and I like food and drinkies.

    Byebyes and happynappies,
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    Hi, firstly it's worth mentioning that the use of babytalk is frowned upon here. We're all adults and so you are expected to type like one.

    That said, what do you do for fun outside of the AB/DL world? Like what's your job or hobbies?
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