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Thread: Moments where you wish epic music was playing in your life!

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    Default Moments where you wish epic music was playing in your life!

    Basically, post really awesome or badass moments in your life! I'll go first...

    I was having a day of paintball for my friend's birthday. My whole team is out except me, I'm running out of paintballs and there's five of them left. I fired all my remaining paintballs randomly in their general direction, cos I'm busy trying not to get shot, and I hit all five of them. I was like

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    When I wake up in the morning I require a good dose of the "Planet of the Apes" score to play as I rise.

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    I thought perhaps when I wake up I'd have one of the tracks from inception playing, when I go to the loo (not in a diaper) flight of the valkyries and when I walk to work a song from pirates of the carribean. when I was at school the imperial march would have fit a teacher nicely

    ‪Inception Soundtrack-Dream is Collapsing (Hans Zimmer)‬‏ - YouTube
    ‪Richard Wagner - Ride Of The Valkyries‬‏ - YouTube
    ‪13 - Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho - Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End Soundtrack‬‏ - YouTube

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    I want Low of Solipsism to play as I write anything.
    I want Flight of the Bumblebees to play when I'm feeling frantic.
    I want Mind Heist to play when I pace.

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    I get moments kind of like that except when I'm listening to music, most often in the car, and a song comes on and I feel like that song pretty much sums up my life. Unfortunately most, if not all, of the times that that happens the song is about suffering or depression. :/

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    I love really getting into something (even if it is just doing writing and I am on a roll) with some good music on (some movie soundtracks are great, Indiana Jones or so). And I would love to walk into my PhD graduation with some epic music.

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    How about this? (The finale to Stravinsky's Firebird)

    Or this? (Louis Vierne's Carillon de Westminster - though admittedly you need to make your entrance at the right moment - 4:42 in, where the full organ comes in)

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    thing is when im about to do something epic i will play music suited to the moment on my ipod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alu View Post
    thing is when im about to do something epic i will play music suited to the moment on my ipod.
    Haha that what I do! Lol

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    I think Hatebreed's "Live for this" should play anytime I enter a room. After all, it was my entry music for my created wrestler on WWE SvR 2009. If that doesn't suit me, Demon Hunter's "The Soldier's Song" or Iced Earth's "Angel's Holocaust."

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