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Thread: How do you deal with anger?

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    Default How do you deal with anger?

    I've gotten into arguments with my parents, who have the talent to make me very angry at times, and I tend to either bottle it up or grab something solid and hit myself with it. I know that this isn't a good way to deal with being mad but I don't know of any other way so to help me with some ideas my question to you is how do you deal with anger?

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    For me it depends on why I'm angry and at who.

    If I'm really good and pissed? Usually a good FPS or a round of the Original Campaign of Neverwinter Nights on the hardest setting with God Mode enabled so I can just wail on crap with my half-elf fighter

    I've also been known to take walks when it's not too hot or cold out, or just listen to music and read a book while ignoring everyone and everything around.

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    I technically don't deal with anger, I just go into a rage, half the time i smash my door so many times with my fist that my hand starts to bleed, and i destroyed two doors that way, so i ended up making one out of 2X4's from scratch with luan...almost indestructable. My current pill cocktails apparently don't work, so we keep changing them. Basically, i just rage, eventually calm down, and go back to being a dick (which most people don't see, mostly people that piss me off IRL)

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    extremely violent video games always make me feel better when im angry

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    Butterfly Mage


    I write bitter manifestos on my blog site. I go out into nature and do grounding rituals. I try to remind myself that it's no use being angry over things that I cannot control. I try to focus on things that don't make me angry.

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    I tend to drown it in a pool by swimming like 2 miles worth of laps when it gets really bad.

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    I usually pull out my desert eagle and...look at it(lol I wish) I'm just messing. I don't have a desert eagle. When Im usually pissed off I'll go carve the canyons of Boulder on my motorcycle or work on it or my truck. I also might do a little drawing. On and most of the time I'll just put on my diaper and go into kid mode for the night. If I'm in a rage ill usually do a combination of the above. I really do try not to get in the rage level though cause when that does strike I do tend to become an ass and I really hate to have my friends see me like that.

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    Depends on the situation. I often envisage throwing darts at the person who causes me said anger, if such is sufficient; and I mean, at them, not a photograph of them; such imagery always brings a smile to my face. Alternately, a double Jack Daniels and Coke is always good. :-)

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    You need to argue with your parents, and learn to keep your cool. In fact, I would argue (haha! :P) that it's an invaluable life skill that you'll need when your older. This important time whilst your a teen and hormones are still flowing, is invaluable. Hone your debating techniques and your ability to stand up for yourself. By all means pick the arguments that matter the most to you, and don't do it all the time, but don't bottle it up, express yourself! You have to, and you only get better with practice, and there are no people better to practice on than one's parents.

    I used to have this wonderful method of dealing with my parents in my teens. We'd always inevitably get to the point where both sides are arguing at full pelt, and it's always difficult to keep your cool in these situations. Logic gives way to flawed emotional thinking so easily, and you end up regretting everything from that point on, which in turn ends up eroding the point you were trying to make. So, to solve this dilemma, I'd deliberately walk away half way through, and go up to my room. I'd then go and meditate for as long as it took to cool down and become centred, with my thoughts collected and my heart rate lowered. If you're unsure of how to meditate there are plenty of tutorials online, pick one that works for you. I would then come back downstairs and restart the argument where I left it. My parents would usually be almost as angry as I'd left them, making mistakes, and talking illogically, and I'd be cool, calm and collected and at that point I would be able to critically pick apart their flawed and illogical argument.

    My parents found me a tough teenager, but at least I was logical, most of the time :P. Practice. Practice! Trust me, you'll be a more successful adult if you've learned how to argue and be a bit sassy when needed .

    PS: Also, forums helped me with the debating techniques too .

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    It depends on the situation. If I'm mad at my wife, which isn't often, I'll go out for a walk, or burn it off driving, going to a store, just doing something different. If it's at work and I feel someone is being a dick or trying to take advantage of me, I challenge them in a logical and quite frankly, more intelligent than them, way. It doesn't happen often, but if a teacher wants to cross swords with me, they better bring their A game.

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