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Thread: What NES and/or XBOX 360 Video game should I get?

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    Default What NES and/or XBOX 360 Video game should I get?

    I've got an NES with 2 games, 2 controllers, and a zapper, and I want to know what games would be recommended, and I have an XBOX 360 and all we have is kinectamals(my sister got my mom to buy a game /sigh) and Left 4 Dead, that's still sitting in my closet I got it from a friend who had 2 for some reason.

    I'm open to pretty much any type of games but I'd like to know what you guys think is fun.

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    With the NES, Super Mario Bros. is an obvious must! Tetris is kinda boring at first, but it becomes addicting after just a minute! I don't have a 360, so I can't tell you on that, though I'd get me some Halo.

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    I've got Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt and Ghostbusters II (which I suck at)

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    For the NES, I would get the original Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and ABOVE ALL ELSE BARD'S TALE! You literally CANNOT GO WRONG with Bard's Tale.

    For the XBox, Get the complete Orange Box and Portal 2 (Orange Box comes with Half-Life 2 and both episodes, Team fortress 2, and Portal 1). Valve makes the best games on the market, and they're the farthest thing from a sell out (there are stores that you can buy in-game items with, but they don't sell out because the items that affect gameplay [ie. not just cosmetic] are free and just require effort.) You already have Left for Dead, now get the rest of the Valve line and join the fanboy herd.

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    Halo Reach, F1 2011 (When it comes out) Battlefield 3 (When it comes out)

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    For the NES, Super Mario Bros and Zelda. (Careful. their tunes are mesmerizing)
    Fox X-Box 360, Hmm that's a tuffy! Forza 3 is the only Xbox 360 game I like.

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    Never had or played NES

    For the Xbox I really like Forza 3 and all the Call of Duty games.

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    For Xbox 360 Need For Speed Undercover if you like racing, Saints row 2 if you like Action, and Gears Of War 2 if you like shooter/multiplayer

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    I can't really say on the NES since my retro gaming setup does not yet include one, though I love the original Legend of Zelda.

    As for the Xbox, I mainly play Forza 3, Grand Theft Auto IV & Expansions, Saint's Row and Guitar Hero on it. I'm not really a big FPS kinda guy.

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    Dr. Mario is sooo much better and more addicting than Tetris. I can't remember is it was for NES or SNES.

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