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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a 20 year old male college student from California. I enjoy swimming, water polo and scuba diving, though these activities have tapered off a bit since I started college.

    I've never been much into the regression side of wearing diapers, so I don't really consider myself as an adult baby. I don't know the exact definitions but I consider myself more of a dl. I like wearing diapers occasionally and the idea of wearing baby clothes, but it's not something that I do everyday. I do think about it quite a bit though. My girlfriend is the only one who knows about it, and she doesn't think it's too crazy. However, she doesn't really understand why I like diapers. But hey, neither do I.

    That said, I've come to the forum to talk to others who share my interest in hopes of feeling less alone with this little secret. It is refreshing to see so many others who like the same things that I do, and sharing this with other members already makes me feel better about it. Thanks for reading

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    Hi .. welcome to ADISC

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    Hi! Welcome to ADISC!

    SCUBA is something I've always wanted to try. One of these days!

    Quote Originally Posted by jwtb View Post
    However, she doesn't really understand why I like diapers. But hey, neither do I.
    Heheh, yeah... I suspect many/most DL's here don't really know why they feel the need to wear diapers. They just do! I have my suspicions about myself, but I don't dwell on them as I've never found it particularly helpful to justify things I can't change about myself.

    As for wanting to feel less alone: I hope you do now! It's a good feeling. I was somewhere near your age before I first discovered the AB/DL community, and I had certainly felt some shame at wanting to wear diapers before then. Places like this definitely help to put those feeling behind you!

    Again, welcome! I look forward to hearing more from you in the forums.


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    Welcome to ADISC, it is a pleasure to meet new people in similar situations such as my own.
    It took a long time before I was able to come out to my girlfriend, but thankfully she had a fetish of her own so it made things less awkward, but not any less a struggle. You are not alone, I meet more people like us everyday on these forums. Just take a look and you will realize you are anything but alone.
    Have you ever been diving in Monterey?

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    Thank you, I feel better about it already

    You should try diving! I got certified through a PADI course offered by a sporting goods store. I think it only took two weekends, but they offer the weekend classes less often than the normal classes which run a bit longer. I know they have days where they let people try it out in the pool if the store has one, so you should definitely try it out!

    I have only been diving around San Diego, and once in Hawaii. I hope to start up again after college. Is Monterey a nice place to dive?

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