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Thread: Finally done, all the facts about the Taboo episode and the investigation started by Senator Coburn...

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    Default Finally done, all the facts about the Taboo episode and the investigation started by Senator Coburn...

    Hello Everyone,

    I know many people in the last few months had many questions about so many things with the Taboo episode and also about the investigations into possible SSI fraud started by Senator Coburn. I was getting tired of explaining over and over again to each person seperately and wanted to get a page up with all the details about what REALLY happened, not just what the news would share. I am sure no one has heard on the news that I was cleared of fraud by SSI themselves? Of course not. The news is right there to report on people being accused, but never go back and let everyone know when someone has been cleared of anything.

    The article has all the details about where the money for my AB things comes from, why and how me and Sandra became the size we are, how the scenes in the Taboo episode were filmed around my limitations, what was not shown on camera, what was filmed but didn't make the cut into the episode, what NatGeo really gave me and Sandra for doing the show, details of the investigation into me and Sandra for SSI fraud, what happened to Sandra in the hospital and her later passing and other details. You can read about all these details by going to: Taboo and Coburn Investigation

    Which is why it's taken so long for me to get the page out there. Between putting all the details on the page between helping Sandra, Sandra's passing and then having to move to a smaller place it took a very long time. But I have always been known for being honest and open. So I wanted to get the page with all the details out there so people can finally know ALL the details over the Taboo show and the following investigation and lastly, that I have been cleared of any fraud.

    That means, I didn't defraud anyone as many people felt I did. And I wanted to say thanks to those here who had faith in me and Sandra that we didn't do it. That means a lot. Thank you everyone. Take care.


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    I would like to take this opportunity to offer my condolences. I’m sorry for your loss, I know that Sandra will always be very dear to you.

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    Hello Acorn,

    Thanks. It's been rough. I know she's around me, but I miss being able to talk to her or give her a hug in the flesh. But at least she isn't in pain no more, so that I am happy for. Thanks again **hug**


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    In light of how some of the thread related to this have turned out in the past, I'd just like to remind everyone to remain as tactful and polite as possible.

    Unrelated to the above: I'm very sorry to hear about Sandra, my condolences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanley19802 View Post
    Hello Acorn,

    Thanks. It's been rough. I know she's around me, but I miss being able to talk to her or give her a hug in the flesh. But at least she isn't in pain no more, so that I am happy for. Thanks again **hug**

    Dear Stanley,

    You are a very brave man. You did something not many AB or DL could ever do. This really touches my heart.

    "I didn’t do the show for money, or the things we got. I did it because I love the AB/DL community and I want to get the truth out about what the role playing actually is about and dispel some of the many myths out there. "

    I look you to you.

    RIP Sandra


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    I am too, sorry to hear about Sandra's passing. I know how it is to lose a friend and Stanley, I will admit I've bagged on you off and on lately but I do offer my condolences for your loss. And I am just glad the whole thing is over for you. I may forever disagree with you going on Taboo, but I am glad it's all over and I do offer condolences for your loss of Sandra. I lost a good friend too a few years back and I still haven't gotten completely over it.


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    I'm so sorry for your loss Stanley. I read the account on your site and it sounds horrifying. Considering her health and yours, Sen. Coburn and the others crossed a line that most humans would find abhorrent. I wonder how they sleep at night. I hope you can find some peace and a place in this life without Sandra. I don't know what I would do without my wife. She is diabetic and does home dialysis five nights a week. It's love that gets us through each day. Without love, the days go by so slowly. I wish you the best.

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    I feel massive amounts of sympathy and respect for you and Sandra. (May her soul rest in utter and complete peace. She's in good hands. I just know it.) After reading every single letter of your message regarding the episode of Taboo, I am even more sad and angry at what people have said about you. I'm especially angered at just HOW a Senator, somebody who was elected to represent his people and fight for their rights, could do this to you. You were going through a horribly tough time and Mr. Coburn should feel ashamed of his lack of empathy.

    Your episode may have inspired hate-filled comments on the internet from people and caused all of this trouble, but I want you to know that none of it was in vain. I'm sure that somebody out there was inspired by your bravery and perseverance to put out a good image despite what Nat Geo cut out and implied. I, personally, was inspired and influenced. As a caretaker/mommy, I was very happy to see a portrayal such as Sandra's. She wasn't a dominatrix. She wasn't sexualized. She was a human being who felt so much love for you. And that was what I appreciated the most. I'd like to follow in her footsteps one day and be filled with as much love as she was despite our hardships in life. I never knew her, but I would have loved to. Maybe I will meet her one day in the afterlife. I don't know. But you two will always remain in my thoughts and I'm sure none of us here or on your website will forget what you gave us.


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    And I also do agree that Sen. Coburn crossed a line, I've often said he was more than likely looking for talking points from Fox News or extra attention or something. Senators like to see their names on the news no matter what medium it is; or even what political party they're in whether they're Republican or Democrat.

    I admit I have said stuff here and elsewhere I shouldn't have about this because of all the jokes and what have you related to you, Stanley. After some soul searching and thoughts lately, I am glad all loose ends in the Coburn thing are all tied up.

    Again, as I said earlier, my condolences and this is the last thing I shall say about you, Stanley.


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    Despite the fact that it's 4:00 AM in the morning... I read the entire thing and watched the episode... I have to say you are very brave and I thank you for taking the chance to inform the general public of AB/DL's.

    I am very sorry to hear about Sandra and I wish you the best of luck in coming years. I know I would want support more than anything else if something like that happened to me.

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