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Thread: Do you talk in your sleep?

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    Default Do you talk in your sleep?

    Simple enough... The question is this: Do you talk in your sleep? If so, how often, and what does it sound like? This seems like it could yield some interesting results.

    As for myself, my parents say that I do it all the time, and it's full-voiced and clear. When I went on a trip to look at colleges in New England, I apparently said things each night, including but not limited to words of intimate consolation and "Bitch better have my money."

    How about you?

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    Yes, I do sometimes. I think I must do it quite quietly because nobody who shares a house, but not a room, with me (eg: parents, siblings) has ever told me that I sleep talk, but when sharing a room with people they do sometimes say that I was sleep talking. I don't know exactly how often I sleep talk, or what I sound like; unfortunately usually people aren't able to tell me what I was talking about the next morning, either because I was incomprehensible or because they were half-asleep when they heard and they can't remember.

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    Oh I talk, sing, shout, etc. I've even woke myself up before! It annoys the crap outta everyone! Lol

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    No, but here's a fun fact. I sleep with my eyes open half the time.

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    I don't but my boyfriend does! He talks but it's like a made up language. It's actually really funny. I gotta record it some day

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    My friends say i do, so i guess :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydrughing View Post
    I sleep with my eyes open half the time.
    Lol, my cousin does the same thing, saw her sleeping on her couch once, and thought she was still awake. lol she kinda scared me a bit

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    I dont sleep talk but a lot of people in my family do. Its funny listening to them. I do however get these weird dreams where my leg is hurting in the dream and i while start crying out in pain in real life. its close to talking but exact.

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    And I don't throttle what I say when I am asleep at all. I remember a few years ago on vacation with my family my parents had been annoying me and apparently I vocalized a number of words that they were not aware that I knew...

    So I am somewhat frightened about ever saying anything that could be tied to AB/DL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    So I am somewhat frightened about ever saying anything that could be tied to AB/DL.
    I seem to have the same problem (if it is ^^) of talking and hoping to not say something related aswell and I am thankful my friend didn't heard what I said one night thanks to me saying it quietly. Still only seem to do it when tired, having a nightmare (Still gets those ^^) or ill.

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