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Thread: Diaper Rashes from Summer Heat

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    Default Diaper Rashes from Summer Heat

    I wear for comfort and securety. Goodnites is my main diaper and since I live in Texas it has been a very hot summer. So I been sweating and my diapers getting wet because of it. As well more diaper rashes than I usally get. Anyone else having same issue?

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    Yeah in hot summers it happens to me. Just use a lot. Like tons and tons of baby powder and it should help prevent it

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    Well i live in texas to, and i recently just got a diaper rash, i guess from the heat, so yea.

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    I've never had this problem, and I've done plenty of sweating in my diapers.

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    Perhaps one of hte problems in summer is that things get concentrated if you don't have enough fluids - I believe that keepin my water intake up does lessen the chances of discomfort/rashes in the warm weather - but I live in England so know we don't have it as hot as people in a lot of places.

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    How long does it take to get a rash, anyway? I'm wearing right now, and I don't have any powder (the heat wave's still over me, I think)

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    I think it would be of benefit to find out specifically wear you rash is appearing. The reason I say this is, if your rash is on your inner thighs, that your rash might be the result of plastic, sweat and rubbing, which leads to chafing. Talcum powder can solve this in the short term, but only temporarily. Your whole ensemble contributes to your comfort. Wearing underwear over your diaper can help, pending it is not full of sweat (Boxer briefs work best). Also, your pants have a lot to do with it. Jeans get hot and in and of themselves contribute to chafing in the manner they retain moisture when you sweat. Regular pants, cargo shorts, etc, are much easier to keep you cooler. If the rash is where the diaper presses against your legs due to tightness, the only remedy is loosen the diaper a little. Our bodies swell when we get hot so the leg gets constricted, and this constriction combined with chafing diaper will certainly cut into you and develop a rash. This was how I learned that having a pair of plastic pants in the wrong size can lead to a decidedly unpleasant day.

    I hope these tips help. Wear shorts, a shirt that covers your bum, and relax

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    Its not a diaper rash, it's actually a heat rash. Do you notice if you are sitting down in hot weather and you back is leaning against the back of chair and you back sweats? The longer you you keep your back against the chair or ect., The more irratated your skin gets. A diaper rash is usually caused by a certain amount of time sitting in messes nad often urine. Heat does help diaper rashes to develop. Like everyone else powder is basically one of your diaper's and your skin's best friend.

    If you are "using" your diapers in the heat. It is a mix of nasty stuff. Try to stay cooler by dressing lighter. Goodnites are hardly noticeable and would take another one of us to spot ya. Most likely no one will notice.

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