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    I would say within the last 7 years English adult babies or DL's do not want to meet others? I use to have know a few AB friends that we use to meet up with and roll play. But over the years I have lost touch with them and been trying to get to know some new friends to get to know and meet up with, but finding it very hard. Is it that now they keep themselves to themselves? or just frighten? would like to know if you in the USA have any friends that you meet up with and have a good time. I will not use these pay sites to find a friend as these are just money grabbers and 99% of what you see are not real in videos and photo's, Like to see real life AB's and DL's. I wished I kept my little black book with all my old friends in One last thing are there many AB in England now a days as you don't see many on the good sites, Think there might be 10 member here?

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    There's actually quite a lot of English *Bs here (I don't know all their ages) there's certainly tens on this site in the UK and there are usually a few UK meet ups per year. So I don't think it's that there's not many here, or that they're more introverted, it's more likely that you haven't found them yet - stick around and I'm sure you will.

    Just a note of warning, while we do have a few organised meet ups, they are a very small part of the site. Meeting someone on here through their posts, talking and becoming friends, then meeting up is fine; but this isn't a dating or meet site so please don't go making threads asking "Any ABs round Sheffield to meet with?" for example.

    p.s. I'm English for your information, and would technically be an AB now.

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    hi cutetoddler2 sorry i dont live in England but im just across the sea in N Ireland would love to chat some time .Can i add you as a friend yours Pampy

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    Seeing as how I've met a number of ABDLs in the UK and I live on the other side of the planet, I'd say that they're not particularly reticent to meet people. I know I'm dubious about meeting people who make that the top item on their agenda. If it doesn't feel like it's part of a natural progression in the friendship, it's pretty unappealing. I think the best way to meet people is to try to make connections and then friendships based on mutual interest beyond diapers. After you've talked with someone extensively and it's free and easy, a real life meeting becomes a reasonable and pretty low-stress further step.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pampywampy View Post
    hi cutetoddler2 sorry i dont live in England but im just across the sea in N Ireland would love to chat some time .Can i add you as a friend yours Pampy
    Your welcome to add me as a friend a few times I tried to get chat working to talk to a few people but can't get it to work but will keep trying thank you for asking to be friends hope to chat soon!

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    fanks cutetoddler 2 looking forward to hear from you

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    Thank you anna s for the link, sorry can't reply back to your message as it says something about levelling up, so I guest Cute Toddler needs to post more to reply or send messages?

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    Haha there are hundreds of ABs on this site in England! Hell, two of them have recently moved to Scotland to be with two of the coolest members on the site (FYI: one of the coolest members on the site is me...).

    I've met at least 20 ADISC members, and I'd say at least 16 of them are English.

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    I'd say there's about more English AB's kicking about here than Scottish ones.

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    i personaly wouldnt mind meeting up but its a matter of trust ,and for me actualy finding people ,also quite a few people are underage on the site ,i think ie seen like 20 english over 18 people on the site.

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