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    1) Hello! Who are you?

    Hello, it's nice to meet you all. I'm a newbie here and my username is Mei. Easy to remember, hee. =^_^= As for my personality, I would say that I act very timid at times (In fact, I'm pretty nervous writing this!) but am a very kind and caring sort of person who keeps trying to come out of my shell and socialise with others. I work as an office admin support at an organisation that takes care of others in my community and I love my job!

    2) What brings you here?

    I'm curious and wanted to learn more about this sort of interest as I find it kind of strange yet fascinating. Plus I liked some of the stories here and enjoyed reading them. I also thought it might be fun to contribute some stories as well since there currently don't seem to be too many out there.

    I don't actually have any interest in diapers for myself...but have no problem whatsoever with those that do. =^_^= In fact, I'd be happy to be thought of as a caretaker/guardian or a kindly big sister if anyone wishes such.

    3)What are your other interests?

    I'm sorry to say I don't have that much interest in diapers (for myself, anyway) besides finding them cute - and creating new designs for them that I'd love to see in the market if I made that sort of product to sell. Lol.

    Well first off I love animals - felines have a special place in my heart, and my favourite colour is red. I love to draw, do creative writing and literate roleplaying in my free time. I also love reading, spending time with my family, love anime and manga and I am just getting into the cool and kooky world of Furries, which is really fun. I like arts and crafts and on weekends I hang out with my friends, play ten pin or golf, try making a new recipe, go out for lunch, go for a walk, do amateur star gazing, go to plays at the local entertainment centre and various other fun activities like that. Oh, and I am also currently creating a board game with a friend called Fairies and Dragons. Also, I have two cats and three birds whom I all love very much.

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?

    Well, I originally joined to read the stories on here in the babyfur forum (Since I found that most of those are absolutely adorable. =^_^=) Perhaps to contribute some stories of my own as well or join in a literate role play story, if you do those here. Also to learn a little bit more about the particular interests of those here in a safe, friendly environment. I'm naturally a very curious sort of person, and I discovered I enjoyed reading the various threads in the forum (never thought I would be interested but I am, surprisingly.) and learning a bit more about something which I am new to and curious about.

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    Wow, a super great introduction! Welcome to ADISC!

    You sound like an amazing person, I'm going to say that right now. I would be super lucky to have someone like you as a baby sister, as I'm sure anyone would be here. It's wonderful to get people who might not be interested, but warm and kind people who can support those who do. If anything, I really feel the site can only benefit from wonderful, beautiful people like you and I already want to think you big, from the heart for being so amazing.

    Your interests sound great, it's neat that you said your favorite colour.. not very many people do but I think a favorite colour and things like that can be a super wonderful way to learn about someone. I'm glad you love anime and manga, because there bunches of people here, like myself who totally can talk to you about that. I used to be an amateur star gazer myself and I totally find that awesome, I wish I still owned a telescope. Just the name of your board game already intrigues me and I'm totally interested in that if you have any details you wanna give on how it's played or what your inspiration what for it or why you wanted to make it.

    Lastly, I wanna give you a super big, cuddly wuddly huggie. I hope that this post makes you less nervous, and you get a berry big smile. It would make a little girl like me very happy if it did. I definitely know how it feels to be timid. Why did you choose your name? I really like it though. I kinda wish I had chosen a more.. name for myself rather than two words I thought sounded cute together.
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    Ehehe, thank you for saying so, and for such a warm welcome. .^_^. I was trying my best to be completely honest after reading through all the introductory stuff at the beginning. Lol.

    Anyway, it's very nice to meet you. Yes, I definitely am on the more supportive/protective side of things about this kind of interest. I don't like all the nasty comments that go on around the internet, (they don't seem fair to me). People should be free to make their own decisions without being ridiculed. And again, thanks for all the kind words. You're very nice to say so. ^///^

    Yeah, that not only is my favourite colour but it's my fave thing to wear too. Lipsticks and clothing wise at least. Do you have any particular colours you like best?

    And that's cool about other anime/manga fans. There aren't too many that I know of where I live. I like quite a lot of them, and collect them when I can. Recently finished watching Mushi-shi again. That one's brilliant. =^w^= Also like things such as Fruits Basket, Darker Than Black, Dragon Ball taste is a bit eclectic, ahaha~!

    Yeah, I'm not that good at knowing where all the star patterns are or what they are called but I love admiring their beauty and discovering stars we hadn't seen before. Last night there was a beautiful pink-red one, a twin star and a bright yellow jewel. Still have yet to find the rarest colour with our x1 lens though (green). My friend is saving up to buy more lenses so we'll be able to zoom in even closer...I can't wait. We did look at the moon once and that was incredible. You can see all the craters and things on the surface very clearly. But you can't see out of the eye you stare at it with for a while. Hee hee.

    Oh, thanks! Yes, it's something that's still in progress but we're both having a great time creating it. So far we have a storyline and lots of photos from the local botanic gardens and the Japanese gardens there as well. It's all starting to come together very nicely. It was inspired by snakes and ladders actually and the finished product we are hoping to be for kids aged 7-8 and up, since it looks so much fun we're sure adults would want to play it too. The fairies in the game are helpful to the players and the dragons are the bad ones...first person to get to the end, defeat the evil boss dragon and save the land with the magical treasure, wins. Well, that's the basic idea. Dragons= down, fairies = up a level. Still working out the rest of the details.

    Ehe, thank you. ^///^ *wiggles a bit but returns the hug happily*

    My name is chosen as a nickname from an Original Character I created for a story I'm writing but I also use her in roleplaying. She also happens to be (possibly) a 'Fursona' I'm trying out...but I'm not super serious, it's mostly just for fun. =^_^= Hmm...well, if you'd like help choosing a new name I'd be happy to offer some suggestions. Otherwise, I think your name is quite adorable.

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    It's wonderful to see people who wanna be supportive. I hope that you get to know people like me and others more and more, and I'm always around to ask questions. But I'm only one girl, and we all our different in our one ways too! I'm just speaking from my heart, so no thanks necessary I promise.

    I am the same way with pink.. though special love for yellow and baby blue too. In the end though, if I could wrap myself in pink all the time I would be a berry happy girl, though soft, light pink is the one for me.. bold pink is nice but totally not as nice and soothing as the soft pink.

    Your anime and manga tastes seem interesting, though sadly me hasn't gotten to enjoy some of those. I hope to eventually though.

    Wow, I'm so jealous about your stargazing. That just sounds lovely.

    The board game sounds super fun! Sounds like something I would definitely want to try one day, so I think you two are really on to something cute here. I hope progress booms about it!

    Fun is the most important thing, you should roleplay for fun, you should do everything you can do possibly for fun, because it's the bestest thing I think. You have such a happy vibe that totally radiates from you, you seem super sweet just the way you are. Thanks so much for offering to help, but I think I should definitely stick with this name. It is cute! I just tend to be the type of person who is so.. well, I'm a person of moods who happens to be REALLY into something one day and then maybe a week later I'm a little less excited about.

    Welcome again. Totally feel giddy just talking to you, you've made my night a lot happier!

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    Me too. That would be nice. I already read through a couple of threads in the forums and I think that everyone here is generally friendly and kind to each other so I'd love to make some new friends. =^_^= Yes, everyone is different and has their own way of doing things, but that's what makes life interesting. And that's kind of you to speak from your heart to someone you just met, but I sincerely appreciate that.

    Hmm, soft pink, that sounds very pretty. It's an adorable colour on little girls too.

    Well, some of those I watched growing up through highschool. They'd be on TV before we left or after we got home every afternoon. I do hope you get to see more of them. There are some really good webcomics on the internet too, if you find it tricky to buy/find manga where you live. All free and some are really good!

    Yes, stargazing is also very relaxing. It makes you realise how small you are compared to that vastness, but in a good way. =^__^=

    Thanks, I hope it does too. We are thinking of making a virtual version of it as well so maybe you'll get to play it some day.

    Hee hee, I agree. Doing stuff for fun is the best reason! And for love, that too.

    You're right, it's a super cute name. It actually made me giggle when I read it (kind of like 'aww, that's so cute~!) Lol. I think it's a good choice.

    But if you ever want to change it someday, my offer still stands.

    You've made me smile a lot too. It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope we can be friends. Goodnight and God Bless.


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    My favourite color is ham XD

    Weclome to the forum. I look forward to reading what you have to write. Its cool that your so supportive of alternative lifestyles, we need more people like you, in the world in general. I hope you have a great time here, and find it to be an awesome place (It is ).

    Well thats about it from my crappy welcome.... who thought writers block could transfer over to a welcome :P

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    Hi MrMcAwesome,

    Lol. Ham. Yes, that is an especially tasty and delicious colour, I must agree. XD It's good to be creative with colours, other than just saying the basics. Although I just say 'red' because I like it in all its multiple shades and hues. Fire engine red, harvest apple, cherry, blush, rose...Lol.

    It's very nice to meet you, also. Thank you for the welcome. No worries. I appreciate it just as much. ^_^

    In that case, I need to sit down and start scribbling ideas right away. =^.^= I am thinking of cute babyfur stories to add, since what's cuter than an adorable baby kitten or puppy, right? Plus I love anthro's/animal people/nekos etc...

    Well, there's more than one way to live life, right? Makes everything more interesting! Thank you again and I am sure I will love it here. I already do.

    Aw, it was a great welcome. Thank you so much for taking the time to say hi. <3

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    Mei i think you are going to fit in perfectly here

    I have to be honest, i am not the most artistic, me and the fiance were doing up a cottage and she was asking me about all these different colours, and i was all like.... its brown??? But ham is something very definate and tasty so thats why i like it XD :P to bad im illergic (ok brain fart)

    While i'm not a furry, and find it difficut to connect with furry stories, i do like kittens and puppies, so i guess ill give your stories a chance :P

    Exactly, if there was only one way to live life we'd all be nudists

    No problem, i dont venture often into the greetings forum, so my greetings tend to be lame, but anyway.

    What type of music ya into? i think that was the only thing missing from your intro, so im deciding to be a jerk and point thato ut

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    Hi Mei,
    and welcome to the group, I admire your bravery in saying you would like to be a caregiver/big sister, I'm surprised you haven't been bombarded with replies. Having said that I would really like to have you as a big sister, that's how my late wife and I started, then one thing led to another and we got married. No I'm not about to propose. I'm an AB and also have urinary incontinence so have to wear some form of protection 24/7.

    I hope to hear from you.


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