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Thread: I'm new. So how can I have more fun with AB Practices?

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    Default I'm new. So how can I have more fun with AB Practices?

    Yea. How do you all make the most of your play time? Please tell me.

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    Seriously, don't say "Please tell me."

    I just go out side in diapers, that's MY fun.

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    Hmm, well, Use your imagination. It also depends on what you'd be comfortable doing.

    There's quite a few things you can do / try to liven up your AB time. Combine some things, pretend, play and talk with your plushies, watch cartoons and "talk" to the TV... just let your mind run wild.

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    Thanks, I'll try to do some mindrunningwild stuff! La la la!

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    Take a shower with a diaper on. Its fun to have it swell up to capacity between your legs. Squeeze a little shampoo into the diaper and enjoy...

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    I don't think anyone here can tell you what to do... that's up to you to decide. Kraiden has made some good, basic suggestions, so I'd say to start there.

    As you explore it more, you'll figure new things to do.

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    I agree with Lukie, there is so much you can do but it's all about you and your personality. For me I'm a very girly girl and I like talking to my plushies and having tea parties. I also like to curl up with my blankie and watch movies or play dress up. So just be creative and have fun, thats what its about.

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    The best thing to do is try to pretend you're a baby or toddler or whatever your fantasy is, then act accordingly. Get so into the role that you think it's real. I've done that without even trying to when cross-playing in online RPGs (playing and acting as the opposite gender online), to the point where I was uncomfortable sitting at my computer shirtless, because I felt that girls shouldn't be topless like that. I'm not transgendered or a sissy, but it was a very fascinating experience. For a short time, my subconscious was convinced that I was female. If you can achieve the same thing with your AB fantasy, you'll have an incredible time.

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