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Thread: Am I the only one who plays with being different ages?

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    Default Am I the only one who plays with being different ages?

    Basically I know most peope regress to about the a ge of 2 or below, but personally I have always been the age of 4+, sometimes as old as 12 (anything to do with the age I really engaged with diapers and all that?) mostly I go back to the age of 6-8, I don't know why. There surely must be other people out there?

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    I go between 6 months and 4 years old, basically any age that would use diapers properly. Though I'm aire in time I'll expand my interests!

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    I don't like the thought of being a baby/infant.. That's why I'm weird. I'll go back to any age 4+. I don't know why, but the whole 'baby' things doesn't really, appeal to me.

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    I never made it as young as infant. About the youngest I might make it is 2, sometimes 4. Either way, toddler-ish.

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    It's whatever age you're happiest in lol.

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    I agree with Space from the big little podcast. He says that when he regresses it is to a mix of ages.

    When someone asks how old he is he says, "I'm some many years old."

    While I'm not a big age player I cannot deny that I can be kiddish, and downright zany at times.

    The first time I met oboysetht I had to apologize after headbutting a street sign. I acted simply on impulse and was afraid I had just scared the boy half to death wondering what kind of freak he picked to meet.

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    I'm an AB and ageplayer. As a little AB I like it for comfort, but 3 is my primary age. Although I'll play 5-7 ish and 10-15 ish as well. I'm weird in that I'm an AB and ageplayer. I don't think it's as common. But you're definitely not alone! The different ages all have various qualities and types of play and childish expression that being just in one age group doesn't. I'm an oddball though.

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    I like 4

    Toddler age just before starting school is the most fun and I actually have memories from it. If I want to alter my memory of the past when I age-play to include pull-ups even better. =p

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    The little bit that I've dabbled in...I think I would identify comfortably in the 6-9 to speak, and play out-side...and not drool on myself...

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