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    Default Hello everyone

    Well, firstly, hello to everyone here. I'm kind of a quiet person, who likes to read, watch anime, and hang with friends when I don't have to be working.

    I found this site a while ago, but really didn't know what to say at the time. I have an interest in wearing diapers because I find them comfortable, even comforting. Wearing helps me relax when I am getting over stressed with work. I also like reading stories about it. I tend to be really uncomfortable around other people when I'm wearing them though, so I don't get to except at night.

    As I have said earlier, I enjoy reading, anime, and gaming (card games, board games, console/pc, MMO, and pen and paper (D&D, BESM, Shadowrun, etc). I room with three of my friends and enjoy the pleasure of being "out on my own" without actually being out on my own.

    I've always been really big on computers, both programming and hardware, and have been both a programmer for a MUD and a repair tech at one point or another. I used to do a lot of writing, but find less and less time to get to just sit and write for any real amount of time. It's not like I don't want to write, just that I never have the time (with the exception of some lengthy character background for pen and paper gaming).

    As a gamer, my friends and I get together, at least one night a week to just sit down and play something. I'm actually working on my first game that I will be running at some point, hopefully in the near future with my group. I'm new to the pen and paper gamemastering, but have helped out running a message board style roleplaying board.

    Hrmm, why am I here. Well, I'm not sure how it all started anymore, but once I realized what it was, I did a lot of research. I found out that there were a lot of people who had similar interests and really enjoyed reading about them and stories they were writing. I found this site and I hoped that I could see how other people like me go about.

    What I mean is, like I said before, I get really uncomfortable when I am wearing around people and start wondering if they notice, but I've heard that there are people who just don't get that way around other people. Ever since I got my first non-disposable, I've wanted to be able to wear them whenever I'm at home, but roommates prevent me due to embarrassment.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I already have some things in common with you, I like card games and anime and gaming in general too, so that's something we've already found in common. The specifics of what we like is probably different, but that still is something!

    Your introduction was great, and I really hope you have a nice time here. Since I always like to have a question here and there, you can tell me what kinda anime you like to watch if you want. Definitely curious!

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    Default Animes I Like

    Well, I do like a lot of different genre. My collection is slowing getting bigger and I'm going to be moving into needing a new DVD wall rack at this rate any time now. I've also watched a lot more than I own thanks to my roommates sizable collection.

    Some of my favorites include Chobits, Gundam Wing, Slayers, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and Moon Phase. The first anime I ever really got into though was actually Card Captor Sakura when I was younger and I think that tweaked my interest in shows a lot. A few of my friends introduced me to some other series like Here Is Greenwood and Kiddy Grade.

    I watched all of Tenchi Muyo and enjoyed it a lot, but found that I really liked the characters more than the story (depending on the season). I picked up the spin-off series, Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, Magical Project S, and Magical Girl's Club which I feel actually had a more compelling story (Project S most of all, though it was really fun to see Sasami go up against the anime equivalent of Bill Gates in the OVA version.)

    Over the years I've learned that many of my favorite shows tend to be the ones that are focused on character over good guys vs bad guys. For example, Tales of Phantasia and Fate/Stay Night while great shows, never really made me want to care about the characters and why they needed to win because they wouldn't put enough into their personality to make you truly like the characters (
    ). The Irresponsible Captain Tylor is a fun one to see for something special where the main story is balanced with the character development.

    Sometimes I just like to relax and enjoy a series with nothing more than kids being kids. When that mood strikes me, I turn to Strawberry Marshmallow and Lucky Star.

    I know I've also spotted a Rin Kokonoe avatar running around in this forum, so I'm guessing there's a Kodomo no Jikan fan around here. As a point, I actually enjoyed the anime, but feel that the manga was...more questionable content than enjoyable content after a while.

    Maybe I'm talking a bit too much. I have seen a lot of Sci-Fi, Giant Robot (Mecha/Gundam/Veritech style), Fantasy, Magical Girl (probably favorite genre, but more so in its unconventional forms like Nanoha and Pretty Cure seasons 1-3), and any combination of Action/Romance/Comedy (the Romeo and Juliet anime for example).

    What kind of series do you like? Are there any you would recommend?

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    I like a lot of series, and a lot of the ones you mentioned. Chobits, Cardcaptor Sakura, Kodomo no Jukan, Strawberry Marshmallow are the ones that really stand out as things that I like. My favorite genre is magical girl anime too, but I like more traditional fare that is aimed for the younger girls.. I've sorta stayed true to my Cardcaptor Sakura roots (which I also have) in that way.

    Though I personally did not like it, Puella Magia Madoka Magica is probably something you should check out.. I think I spelled that right. It tries to use the concept of magical girl anime to tell a very different and dark tale.. though it might be too dark given your other preferences. Otherwise though, my all time favorite anime is Black Jack. Even if you aren't into the concept of a medical anime at first, totally give it a shot. Pinoko is my all-time favorite character and she means a bunch to me. My other tastes can be found here. Click me!

    I really hope you have a great time, and as soon as you can send personal messages or post on my visitor commenst, I hope we can have some more one-on-one talks.

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    Default Need a lot more posts before I can do private messages I suppose...

    Looks like I need to post a bit before I can use the messaging options, but I look forward to making a few friends here and I hope we can be.

    I've actually been really interested in "Puella Magia Madoka Magica" but have not seen any of it yet as I've heard that it is on schedule to be released locally in the near future.

    I just finished "Living for the Day After Tomorrow" (Japanese name was "Asatte no Houkou") and it is about a girl who hates to be treated like a child and makes a wish to grow up quickly. As a counterbalance to the wish, the other girl she met where she made the wish turns into a child in her place.

    I was looking through some of the shows you have seen for ideas on what else I should watch and noticed that you haven't seen one that I think you would really enjoy. I highly recommend "Nanaka 6/17" about Nanaka who was forced to grow up quickly when she was young, but is stricken with amnesia and reduced to the mind of a six year old who now thinks magic made her a grown up alongside her friend who starts to wonder if he prefers young Nanaka over the grownup version.

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