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Thread: Sucesses when Inducing Bedwetting

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    Default Sucesses when Inducing Bedwetting

    I'm wondering where everyone is at with this subject. I'm slightly interested to hear how any of you have succeeded in wetting the bed while asleep. I'll share a method that has worked 4/5 times I've tried so far. I'm not into anything harmful and I advise anyone else to not do stupid things because - in my experiences - it's actually a lot easier to do something that isn't stupid, and its far from rocket science. I've been led to believe that training yourself for this may make you more comfortable wetting consciously, but I'm talking about having no consciousness about the matter until you wake up as well, so let's limit this discussion to that if we can.

    A method that has worked 4 out of the 5 times for me (so far) is simple, effective, and not retarded.

    You'll need 3 things:
    1) A LONG day
    2) 1-1.5 liters of water
    3) A THICK diaper

    Criteria number one is more important than you might think-- without this, it is not going to work for you if you aren't a regular bed wetter. I'm sure it's the reason I failed once. What this basically means is, try to be exhausted so you can fall asleep within minutes after drinking the liquid; maybe work out during the day, go to bed late after making a flowchart (I don't know; you know your body the best). Lastly make sure you have enough sodium in your bloodstream so you don't knock your electrolytes out of wack.

    The first couple times I succeeded in doing this, I was baffled as I had been wearing to bed for about 3 years and had never wet the bed while asleep-- I suppose I have a really tough bladder. So from the moment I woke up to see a FILLED diaper front to back till the end of the day, I was just blown away how simple of a concept this is. I wake up with no pain in anything, nothing on the kidneys or even bladder-- it's just a fun/thrilling way to wake up, especially those first couple times, because for the first time since my youth I had RELIED on a diaper to keep my bed dry!

    Please share your experiences!

    p.s. If you're of legal drinking age:
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    I have tried something similar before, but i find it difficult to go to sleep with a full stomach/bladder so I usually just end up waking up before I am about to wet.

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    i will try this once i get some new diapers ,it common sense realy ,but ill try it see if it works.

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    You should make this into an article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydrughing View Post
    You should make this into an article.
    If you report the post, you can nominate it for an article as far as I'm aware :-) There is no way to make your own thread an article though.

    As for the OP - I find that if I've drunk too much before bed, I wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Normally I sleep right through, but when it's far too full I just awaken. Especially if I've had a bit of the grain...

    But, it does mean that I can wake up, wet, then go back to sleep - it's almost as good for me as real bedwetting.

    Hopefully this works for others though - good advice!

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    Thanks for the tip.

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    With respect to making this into an article, there are problems.

    (1) This isn't substantial enough to be an article, as written.
    (2) A tutorial on how to induce bedwetting is pushing the limits of what's allowable on ADISC under the "no self-harm" rule, and while I'm not diametrically opposed to ever having an article that might have this kind of information, I'm not looking to add a direct guide in this vein.

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    unless you're sure that you will void your bladder during sleep, i wouldn't recommend the prescribed method. if you're a heavy sleeper and/or have nerve issues with your bladder (which you may not be aware of), carrying a large amount of urine for a lengthy sleep may cause an overstretching of the bladder and further nerve damage.
    the nerve damage to the bladder isn't likely to make you bedwet, but it will exacerbate a lack of sensory perception of the bladder being full; and there is also the issue of an overfilling of the bladder to the point where it can be difficult to then void the bladder. i've experienced the latter, myself, as a result of a water-drinking contest and it was definitely a bit worrying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    and there is also the issue of an overfilling of the bladder to the point where it can be difficult to then void the bladder. i've experienced the latter, myself, as a result of a water-drinking contest and it was definitely a bit worrying.
    I was about to post a story of me having a similar experience, but you beat me to it by a few minutes. All that happens if I drink lots of water/tea before going to sleep is that I wake up with a very full bladder and usually need to stand up in order to pee.

    Quote Originally Posted by ownage View Post
    as I had been wearing to bed for about 3 years
    I think this has a much more significant impact on your successfull bedwetting than you give it credit for in the op.

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    Are you me? With the exception of a thick diaper (didn’t have them), your approach is identical to the one I used years ago to “induce” sleep wetting. And I was living in Minnesota at the time, must be something in the water!

    As background, with few exceptions I was diapered at bedtime till dry in my ninth year. I was embarrassed and ashamed, yet at the same time a part of me enjoyed the sensations and shame of bed-wetting. Once dry, I filled the void with secret wetting when home alone. Point being, peeing in bed has always been easy for me.

    Back to my first induced bed-wetting, after my freshman year of college I returned home for the summer. Early that summer, after ten or so years without a true nocturnal accident, on three separate occasions I wet the bed after beer parties. Inspired by the accidents, before returning to college I conducted an experiment.

    Early in the week mom told me she and dad were going someplace Saturday morning, I’d be on my own till early afternoon. Perfect, if successful I'd have plenty of time to clean up. To prepare, I worked late Friday returning home physically exhausted. Then, before going to bed I drank several glasses of water and two beers. Excited over the prospect … I couldn’t sleep. Got up, used the bathroom, drank more water and another beer. Back to bed. Woke up several hours later soaked! So, believe it or not, on my very first try I wet in my sleep.

    That summer planted the seed for my regression to regular bed-wetting when diapered.

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