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Thread: Fourth and final survey, "Odds and Ends" online

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    Default Fourth and final survey, "Odds and Ends" online


    Five years ago, I posted the first in a series of surveys, seeking to explore the diversity of the AB/DL community. We've learned a lot since then. Now, I'm pleased to announce the fourth and final survey in the series. "Odds and Ends" will cover a number of big and little items, rounding out the other surveys.

    Survey - AB/DL Odds and Ends

    Thanks again to all those who participated in previous surveys and helped to make them so successful. The summary results from #3 are now online, with more analysis to follow. Some interesting findings from #2 so far include:

    *AB/DLs don't necessary desire the type of diaper they were raised in. On average, the desired diaper type would be the one that was common during the AB/DL's childhood.

    *Being "the baby of the family" didn't make one more likely to be an AB/DL, but perhaps being babied by older sisters did: AB/DLs were more likely to report their older siblings being all girls than all boys.

    *Infantilism and diaper fetishism might have some connection with disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome. However, most AB/DLs don't have these or any of the other surveyed conditions.

    Take care (and please take the survey!)

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