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Thread: Which avatar?

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    Default Which avatar?

    Having a graphic design skill are fun and it's my hobby. Also, having Ramona to appear in my avatar suits me very well. However, I always have bunch of ideas of the designs... I can't really stick with one very well... =P I would like to have your help to see what you like the best: the current one I have right now or other old one with rainbow background? Any other background ideas are always welcome! =)
    Thanks in advance! =D

    In case, you aren't sure or forget what's my old avatar look like.. here it is below:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ramona12.jpg 
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    I voted for the old one.

    I want to stress that both are lovely, and your avatar should just reflect how you wanna show yourself off. That being said, I love the happy vibe that I get from the rainbow one, it gives off the idea of a warm and just generally colorful person. If I was going to pick one for me to use, it would be that one.

    That being said I don't know you (unfortunately) otherwise I would have picked with you in mind.

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    The old one as avatar changes can be confusing to your readers and it is a good one. The new one is good and it's helpfulthat it is the same girl. Who's Ramona?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    Who's Ramona?
    The girl in her avatar is Ramona Quimby from the popular Beverly Cleary books.

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    Emmy, I liked the one you had before the "rainbow" one!! That one was cute!! ^_^

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    I voted for the old. Both look awesome but the older one looks more cute and happy.

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    The one with the rainbow looked cuter but if you like the one with the Canadian Flag, it looks cute to

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    I voted for the new one. Why? Technically, DLism is a form of masochism!

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    I voted for the old one just because of the hand drawn look as opposed to the new one which looks like it may have been cut and pasted.

    I'm all about the authenticity of a person or an object, unless it is really expensive, then a knock off that looks good for $20 instead of $2,000 is just fine with me.

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    On the verey edge of being off topic, I did a quick search. First came Helen Hunt's Ramona of 1884, then Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgram. Finally Ramona Quimby by Beverly Cleary. The next morning, today, out tagsaleing I spotted two of her books for 25 cents each, Beezus and Ramona & Ramona's World. I bought them and flipped through the ilistratations but they just wern't right. Another search finds the books have been reilistrated three times with your avatar being Tracy Dockray's work. The auther's bio. is a great story as well. I hope to make time to read all the books.
    Thank you for starting me on a fun little treck I otherwise never would have taken.

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