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Thread: Is this wrong?

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    Default Is this wrong?

    My grandpa is here visiting and he is incontinent. I saw diapers in his closet and there are a lot. If I took one do you think he would notice? And should I even take one?

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    I'm sure we'll all agree that it's not moral or ethical to steal from an elderly man with a medical need for diapers. I would advice you to not take one from him, whether or not he'll notice.

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    I don't want to get into an ethical debate right here, so I'll just answer logically.

    If he's there visiting, then no. Chances are he doesn't have quite as many as he would at home, and you wouldn't want him to run out by taking them for your personal activities.

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    Would you steal money from him? Stealing is stealing. That said, I'm sure most of us here have stolen diapers from someone before, be it a young cousin, or elderly family member. That does not make it right, and I wouldn't do it, but I thought I would throw it out there.

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    The golden rule here is treat others the way you would like to be treated. Try to put yourself in his shoes, as someone who medically needs them and try to think about how it would make you feel if you were in his situation, and him in yours.

    We all get those urges, but if you start having doubts about something because you know it's wrong that's generally the first warning sign. Obviously, since you are taking the time to think it over you are on the right track to making the right decision. You are stronger than your urges.

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    Off topic:

    OP's post count, thread count and rep count = 6,6,-6

    o.o Satan?

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    I would do it. If he has a lot its fine. How many packs does he have and of what kind of diapers?

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    Yes, he uses them because he NEEDS them, it would be super mean to take them for your happiness.

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    I would have to say NO don't take any of them. I know it is really tempting by if you want diapers for enjoyment go out and by your own.

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    take one.

    just be sure to slip $1.25 somewhere he will find it as compensation.

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