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Thread: How did you pick your fur?

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    Wink How did you pick your fur?

    I was thinking about all the different fursonas people have, and thought "why did they choose that?"

    I decided to be a fox for several reasons:
    1. My first introduction to the BF/LF world was Blue Glow, a story told from the perspective of a little fox named Cody. ( bwo)
    2. Foxes are highly social, and family oriented. Parents care for their cubs for a long time in comparison to many animals, and when they grow older they mate for life.
    3. They are a lot like many related animals (dogs, wolves, etc.) in that they are usually difficult to distinguish from one another, making them a litt less about the individaul, and more about the pack(my opinion), something that is important to me.
    4. Foxes are adorable.

    So tell me my fellow furries, what motivated/drew you to choose your unique fur?

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    Me... a friend asked me to describe myself, and he thought pictured me as a cat. Followed my the mannerisms and behavior I have, it fits perfectly. :3

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    I'm a lamb... mostly because, when I think of innocence, peacefulness, babyishness, I think of lambs! :P Baaah~

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    After looking at my personality and mannerisms, I came to the decision that I'm a fox. Though wolves are still my favorite animal.

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    Weasel because they're highly intelligent, have short attention spans and get into as much trouble as possible. They're also deceptively cute.

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    You're going "awwwwww..." aren't you?

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    Honestly, I used to be a wolf because someone on Omegle told me to. (long story). I changed my fursona to a husky because... Well, I like Huskies better. They're wolf-like, and an intelligent breed, like me (sometimes). That is the best explanation I can think of.

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    I'm an elephant. The Furluminati told me to be one. I had no choice.

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    I always had an interest for wolves and foxes so, I created mu fursona out of those two animals.

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    I chose to be a fulf as foxes are family animals and are one of the most cunning species. and that wolves have the strength that foxes don't.

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    Lion, because they ROYALTY son! KINGS! Black and red fur because black + red = fuckin' awesome. 'Nuff said

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