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    I bought a pack from a thrift store yesterday. These diapers are entirely blue, no identification of brand name on them. They also seem to be kind of cheaply made. Glad they were only $3.43 for a 12 pack.

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    On the basis that Thrift Stores in the good old US of A are like the charity shops in Great Britain my guess would be that these anonymouus diapers are from some kind of medical supply programme and have been donated because the person they were provided for no longer needs them - is no longer at home but in hospital or even deceased. If this is the case they will have originated from a big factory somewhere and will either be cheap and unbranded versions of regular makes or imported from countries where manufacture is cheaper. Often the people who order for home care,nursing homes,etc. change suppliers regularly becasue they are always on the look out for the cheapest deal. In these circumstances I think you would have a difficult job attributing these diapers to any particular source- but at the price you quote, just enjoy!

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    They could be Assure brand, ABU sells them in their "cheap diapers" section. I think that Medline might sell a cheap plain diaper that is blue too but I might be wrong on that.

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    Looks to be the same blue. If they are the same I would not give my recommendation for this brand.

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    Seconded on the Assures, but I remember there's a brand that one would find in medical supply stores and might be able to get from an insurance arrangement/medicare. Sadly, I cannot recall the brand name now. But, I can say with 99 percent certainty that the ones you have are one of those flavors of hospital/medical supply brands. For $3, you did just fine, but they're not good diapers by any stretch of the imagination.

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    the assures I got from abu recently were all white, with four clear tapes with blue tabs, no leak guards, blue laserprinting along the middle, lots of crinkle and no sap.

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