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Thread: How many hours do prefold cloth diapers last?

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    Question How many hours do prefold cloth diapers last?

    So I'm getting my first set of prefold cloth diapers. I tried the ones with built in tabs and the velcro breaks down or sticks to unrelated laundry, lol. So yeah, I decided to get a pack of 3 x-small prefolds (skinny me, hehe) and they'll be here in a couple of days... I was wondering though, how long they will last though? Both from how many hours would they last, and how much time before they break down. They're 4-10-4. Any thoughts?

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    Well, it depends on how heavy of a wetter you are, et cetera et cetera. Something like that though, sounds as though it might last you through the night if you don't slam a battle of water right before bed. During the day, it would probably last you a few hours.

    As for how long they'll hold together, a cloth diaper can last a couple of years if you launder them well. If you only use the two of them and use them alternating nights, they might break down more quickly. If you're just using them every once in awhile, they should hold together longer. With a multi-layer thing, laundering them well is imperative, as those layers will be more difficult to fully clean.

    If you are planning to use them every night or at least frequently, I'd recommend getting a bigger stash of cloth. That will allow you to "rotate though them", which will help them last longer and will help you launder a bit less, too.

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    And do be careful about the way you launder them - I expect they will have instructions, but you can spoil the effectiveness of any kind of cloth diaper by using the wrong kind of detergent or temperature - and they are an investment worth looking after.

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    I wear cloth diapers 24/7 and I have the same 12 diapers I bought over a year ago and they are still look to work great. I rotate them as I wear them and wash the used ones every two days. After the investment I have saved a ton of money over using disposables and I almost never have a leak. My diaper can last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours depending on how many layers I use.

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    Wow, thanks. Lots of info. I plan on only using 1 4-10-4 at a time. I've never done prefolds before, so this is a trial for me. They were only $30 for 3 and free shipping, so I was like "YEAH" at the opportunity. Even my small frame, after washing/shrinking 3 inches or so, they'll barely fit me. What got me most interested was the price and the fact that they can fit a toddler snappi and I really wanted to try one. I used to have velcro ones I used every once in a while but even using them rarely, it's been a few years and they deteriorated at the seems and the velcro got crappy. I'm used to paying $30 for one diaper, not for 3 hehe. But ya, you think 1 diaper will hold through the night? I never had so many layers before. To give you an idea of how heavy a wetter I am, I go through a small abriform in about 8 hours if thats all I use, but small ones apparently are rated at a significantly less absorbancy than mediums or larges (like a third less), so I dunno if that gives an idea.

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