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    Hello, Me was busy today and I transformed my extra guitar case into a diaper bag. What I did was about half way at the neck part I fixed a foam separator-thingy and put the diapers in the body part .

    Anyone else have cool ideas for diaper bags?

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    i use a cookie monster back pack as a diaper bag

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    I have a hard-side leather briefcase, the old-school kind, that I sometimes use as a diaper bag. It neatly holds four diapers and a bottle of powder too.

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    I've never done this... but I could use my AEG's gun bag. That would be pretty funny.

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    Laptop bag. It's by far the closest analog to a real diaper bag and the most inconspicuous, to boot. Mine has a few different sections that I can use to store diapers, other supplies, and every day items like my computer, phone, and notebook. A guitar case is pretty innovative, though. I've always wanted to use an attache case, though, just for the shear paradox of using such an icon of manliness for such a babyish purpose.

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