View Poll Results: What would be the best relationship for you, being a DL?

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  • Never mind, you would quit wearing diapers when starting a relationship

    5 10.64%
  • A relationship in which it would be accepted you're wearing diapers

    8 17.02%
  • A relationship in which it is appreciated you're wearing diapers

    1 2.13%
  • A relationship in which some diaper activities could be shared, except for sex with diapers

    3 6.38%
  • A relationship in which all diaper activities could be shared, except for sex with diapers

    3 6.38%
  • A relationship in which diapers would also be a part of your sex life

    21 44.68%
  • The best relationship is being on my own

    3 6.38%
  • I don't know

    2 4.26%
  • Otherwise.....

    1 2.13%
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Thread: Being a DL what would be the best relationship?

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    Default Being a DL what would be the best relationship?

    Hi all!

    Being single for allmost six year now I've got plenty of time wondering what relationship would be best for me.

    For me it's simple, best would be to have a relationship with a woman who really likes wearing diapers too and then maybe let diapers become a part of our sex life.

    How about you?
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    I have a relationship with an AB girl, and we started AB play before actual sexual contact - it was something she was more comfortable with. But we do try to keep the balance as much as possible.

    The thing that makes it work for me, is that we are compatible on more than just diapers - although, we did meet on an AB/DL site... But anyway find a woman you get on with amazingly, then see how she takes to diapers.

    Or, find an AB/DL you get on with amazingly, then slowly bring diapers into it.

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    I am not a DL and diapers are not sexual for me, but I am an AB.

    For me the best relationship would be with a guy who definitely does not have a diaper fetish and who has no interest in wearing diapers himself or in being a baby himself, but who did let me be little around him and who enjoyed taking on the caretaker role

    EDIT: On the poll I voted 'otherwise' because I couldn't really decide which, if any, of those options fitted in with my view, I guess perhaps because I am an AB and not a DL and diapers are only a small part (and not the most significant part, at that) of being an AB. I would not want it to be appreciated, as such, that I was wearing diapers, although I would want it to be more than accepted. I would want it to be appreciated that I need to be little sometimes, and that diapers are a part of that for me, but for the diapers not to be appreciated on their own or for them to be a big deal. I would ideally want a relationship in which my partner took on the role of caretaker sometimes, and in that way I would want my diaper wearing to be shared (I would like to be changed, for example), but I wouldn't necessarily want my partner to wear himself or to be attracted to my wearing diapers. I think I would feel uncomfortable in a relationship where my wearing diapers were given any sexual connotations or appreciated on a sexual level, and don't think I could be in a relationship where sex in diapers was expected or desired.
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    I'm in a relationship with a fellow DL. It's a once in a while thing for us in the bedroom (10% of the time or so). We have similar interests (More DL than AB, not into messing.) I partake in diapers a fair bit more than she does, but it's a good balance that works for us.

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    Definatly a relationship where all diaper activities are shared. I would love changing someone else and also being changed myself .

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    IDK if ill ever be in a relationship. I feel like going into a relationship but keeping your fetish hidden especially if its sexual is wrong.

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    I recently told my b/f of around 4 years about it, and he was cool with it. Right now I don't have any plan to indulge around him, but maybe in the future? It's really not that important though, as there are so many other things that can be done during fun-time.

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    I Dont want to involve this fetish with anyone else, in fact by the time in in a committed relationship I hope to have somehow (yes I know its hard/imposible) stop being into diapers

    Def. Dont want to involve them with a relationship

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    My only requirement is that she accepts that I will, most often, wear a diaper to bed and on rare occasion, such as now, at other times.

    My ex-wife participated in both DL and AB activities.

    My ex-girlfriend knew I wore them and even offered to wear one for me, as posted in another thread I declined for a few reasons.

    What I've come to understand about myself is that while I have the capability to role play and an interest in the erotic aspects when in a appropriate relationship, there are much more important things in life. My chief concerns are the emotional aspects of a relationship. I'm not looking for a sexual outlet, a playmate, or a caretaker. What I seek is a soul mate, an extension of my being who shares my life and heart as well.

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    Dream relationship me and her diapers 24/7

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