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Thread: Abu Bmx

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    Default Abu Bmx

    Did anyone get them and review them yet?

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    There is a big problem with abu and those diapers. Let's just say you won't find any reviews here.

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    I would go on to explain what dragsnick means, but a link would be useless since the conversation played out in the Established Contributors Forum which you can't view yet.

    Basically, there have been concerns raised about the legitimacy and morality of ABU and these diapers.
    Dragsnick is right - you probably won't find a review of them here, sorry.

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    Based on the pictures, they are basically a Cushie with four tapes. Given that a Cushie is a printed SDK, you need only look on here for a SDK or Cushie review.

    But as stated above, there are only a few here that would consider buying and reviewing the BMX diapers.

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    I'm actually on the opposite side. I actually bought one of their sample packs and got it in a vary timely manner. Considering what I've heard, it surprised the living heck out of me! I took that as an exception though, not the rule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squashNstretch View Post
    I bought from ABU before but wont be ever again... Don't take that as a review of their products. Just a comment from a former customer.
    My thoughts exactly...

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    I was also surprised after what I heard, but took a chance after some people started to give a little more favourable reviews of ABU's service, as opposed to all the negative reviews they had for awhile. Although the first order took a short while, the second one was quite efficient. I haven't ordered since, but I'm waiting for the BMX to be available in medium and/or the Fabine's to be in stock. I'm not risking any kind of pre-orders...

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    The diapers I had from them were very nice but even after deciding that the are a good alternative to bambinos, I find they are to big on me and havn't reorderd from them. The prints on the kushing and the single BIG tape are nice features and if you want more absorbency, then add a booster. They are getting better about their service IMO. What's the big deal about them being immoral and legit? They seem to be legitly original.

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    The issue with their morality is not about their service. The original image they used to display the bmx diaper, was a cropped image of a minor. The fact that abu is geared to adults and a fetish community (i know this is not a fetish to everyone) makes people question the ethics and morales behind the company itself. Which is why there will probably not be any reviews, not because of bad service but what credability the company had to some people was lost when this bit of information was discovered. I hope that cleared up the confusion.

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    Please before this starts a flame war or other issue READ the whole post....

    Yes it is a cropped picture however the original picture is of a minor, Yes said minor is on other sites.

    What I fail to see is how someone can get upset over the picture as there are plenty of pictures on sites that show minors in diapers. For instance look at Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs. The size 6 bags show older toddlers in diapers. Huggies is worse as they show almost nude pictures. Ads are there to sell the product. Granted we may not like the fact they use minors but those diapers were intended for older children that had issues with bed wetting.

    Yes the picture is cropped and there is NO view of the face of the person. So I have to ask What is the problem?

    Yes you can PM me if you do not want to discuss the morality issue in public

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