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Thread: What happens to TBs?

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    Default What happens to TBs?

    Despite identifying as a BF when I was 15, I did remove myself from the infantilist and furry communities when I was 17, only to return halfway through my 21nd year of life, so I'm actually ignorant of what exactly happens to self-identified TBs as soon as they hit adulthood (however it is defined, I'll say I still felt I was 18, 19 when I was 21) but anyway:

    I ask because (since 2009) I've confined myself to 18+ AB places on the Internet (mostly to avoid inane comments and general immaturity, it works!) but now that I'm on ADISC which is ostensibly a "13+" website I'm sensing a higher proportion of teenaged people compared to those identifying as AB.

    Even when I was a TB myself in the early-00s I saw plenty of other TBs, and they must all be adults by now, but the proportions aren't the same. I'm guessing they "matured up" and have no interest in infantilism anymore (sparing a diaper fetish, of course) so will the same happen to today's TBs? Or do people continue to use the "TB" label long after they rise into their 20s?

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    Don't they just become AB's...?

    Maintain the same interests and activities as their little selves, but adopt the 'adult' label, instead of 'teen'...?

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    My guess would be that as people grow older they spend less time on the internet; real life gets in the way, and so whilst people remain infantilists, they don't remain active in the community. Teenagers have a lot of spare time to spend on the internet, and as such there are likely to be more teenagers around than adults. Once you are busy with a career, spouse or children the free time you have is limited, and so the spare time you have to go on the internet is no doubt limited also. I would guess this is why we see a lower number of 30+ adults here compared to teens and young adults; it's not that they are no longer ABs, but they are not ABs who are active in the online community, because they have real life things to focus on instead. It may also be that adults are more likely to suppress these feelingss because they feel like being an AB interferes with relationships, especially if they are living with a partner, and so although their AB desires still exist they do not want to recognise or embrace those feelings, and thus are not active on the forums.

    It could also be that because teens have grown up with the internet they are more likely to use it as a place to socialise, compared to adults who haven't grown up with it, and thus who don't see it as ingrained in their day-to-day-lives, and so that could be another reason why we don't see so many ABs compared to ABs. Alternatively, perhaps the growth of TBs is increasing, so where for example before only 1 in 1000 teens were TBs (this is a completely made up figure and not meant to be an accurate estimation) ten years ago now 1 in 100 teens are TBs. As such there may be more TBs in existence than ABs, which makes the number/proportions of ABs look lower than it actually is simply because there are so many teens.

    Or it may be that because ADISC is one of the only AB/DL sites which welcomes members aged 13-18 we naturally have a lot of teens joining the site, because they don't have many other options in terms of places to go. We may have less members aged 18+ joining because there are plenty of AB/DL adults catering to adults, and as such we get a smaller proportion of ABs joining adisc than TBs, again making it look as if the total number of TBs outnumbers the total number of ABs.

    Or, I guess it could be that the interest wanes as an adult and that many TBs did simply grow out of it, but as an AB myself I certainly can't see that happening to me, and that idea goes against the general consensus that being an AB is somewhat inherent and not something that can be changed, but then as a young teen I couldn't ever imagine not loving the band Destiny's Child, and was sure I would be a fan forever. Now I certainly am not a fan, so perhaps as T/ABs we are unable to accurately predict whether this is something that could be lost, and actually it is lost.

    It's certainly an interesting consideration anyway; I have never really been active in the AB/DL community before joining adisc and so have never really pondered changing demographics as I haven't been around long enough to notice any, but I do often consider how my being an AB might change or effect me as I get older, and this is an interesting discussion

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    Old Teen Babies never die.... they simply fade away... :'(

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    Well, I started out as a... Child-Baby? Is that what starts before TB? Well regardless, I guess since turning 18 I've been an AB, and I've felt recently that I've gotten older and that it's about time to put this thing to rest once and for all, but I guess it's a part of me that will never change. I've come to terms to accept who I am, and that my interest may wind up fading away slowly, it'll still be there in one form or another.

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    Good question.

    I've only recently come to terms with my AB feelings - so technically, I haven't ever been a TB at all. Currently, I feel that I've only just started exploring this part of myself, and I haven't participated in ageplay at all yet, but I'd love to do stuff like that in the years to come. Considering all this, I can't see myself losing the AB feelings anytime soon, or even at all, but I can't know for sure what it will be like once I took the chance to relive my early childhood. Maybe it will not be as much fun after a while, like everything else, and the feelings wil diminish. But maybe I will be an AB for the rest of my life. There's no way of knowing, really.

    I've heard of a fair amount of older people (40, 50, even 60 years of age) who are DL, but very few AB's over 30. I think babyjess pretty much summed up the most probable reasons for that...

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    I agree with BabyJess to a degree. Life does tend to get in the way. However, I think the next generation of TB's is more likely to remain active in the online community, simply because we grew up with the internet. As we get older our activity may diminish, but for my part I think it's rather unlikely that it will cease all together.

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    I think it is not necessarily that there are more TBs than ABs, although quite possible, but it is the fact that teenagers have grown up with the internet, and so are much more adept at using it.

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