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Thread: Definition of a (diaper) fetish

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    Default Definition of a (diaper) fetish

    During the past five years, in which I read a lot about fetishism in general and diapers in particular, there has always been a thing I don't completely understand about the definition. Sometimes, the definition of a fetish includes the claim that the stimulus (in our case, diapers) MUST be present to induce arousal to the fetishist.

    In my case, this is not strictly true. Although there's no way at all I can ever deny that diapers turn me on, it's not the only thing. I'm still a heterosexual male, and a beautiful girl/woman without anything AB/DL-related at all can turn me on just as much. That being said - the ultimate turn-on for me would be, of course, a combination of the above!

    Considering the above, I'm still pretty sure I have a diaper fetish. So did I misunderstand what having a fetish means, should the definition be altered, or am I just really weird? =P

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    You're not just really weird, I feel exactly the same way and I'm sure that a whole lot of people on here do, too. I think that that's the definition of, more specifically, a paraphilia, which may or may not describe all diaper fetishes. Hell, I could be way off base... I don't know. Bottom line, though, I'm sure that that's normal among the DL crowd.

    And if it isn't, then who cares?

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    Agreed. It would be nearly impossible to outline all of the variations of this (or any) fetish. Welcome to semi-normalcy!

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    Dareios, just give yourself a 'rating'. 0% is no diapers and 100% is only arousal in/with diapers. For me, I am in for -say- 40% into the diaper fetish. The other 60% of my 'sex energy' goes to my partner. Also, I experience regular ups and downs in 'diaper usage', hence, sometimes my partner gets almost all, sometimes my partner gets less. I guess that almost all around here has this.

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    im probably around 60% myself. Wish it was a bit less, but it could be worse

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    I agree with the sliding scale idea.

    I can certainly get turned on by a non DL guy, but when it comes to sexy stuff I get put off without diaper.

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    The sliding scale idea is pretty nice, yes. I think I'd be around 50% then, my diaper fetish is about as strong as my 'normal' sexual feelings, and I don't really have any other fetish (unless you count the AB thing as a fetish).

    Most people in everyday life are obviously 0%... and then there must also be people who are only aroused by diapers and not by anything else, so they would be 100%...

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    I'd say around 50% myself. I would probably be unhappy if either was missing... I am a quite normal, heterosexual male apart from this secret...

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    I think one can get over obsessed with the nomenclature of a fetish. By definition, having a fetish simply means that a specific object is a gateway to sexual stimulation. In our case it's a diaper, or maybe a pacifier, or a plushie. For most of us the fetish is also a journey of sorts, where our end goal is to regress. Some of us want to feel babyish, whereas others may identify with a toddler, or even older. Again, objects that are used by babies or toddlers make us associate the object to that which it is connected, baby or toddler.

    That said, the human brain is far more complicated. I like having sex with another human being, and so like you, share brain time with humans and objects, and like Kovy said, so what. What difference does it make as long as it makes sense to each one of us, and that in our own way, we can achieve happiness.

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    I think more basically, by definition a fetish is just giving some sort of object power, be it sexual or otherwise. Common usage seems to be fetish equals sexual and in some cases even more narrowly fetish equals BDSM.

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