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Thread: Pacifier exhibitionism

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    Default Pacifier exhibitionism

    Most AB/DLs frown upon the idea of publicly showing that you wear a diaper, and due to the sexual nature of this act, I can understand that very well. However, I was wondering what people here think about showing off your pacifier in public? Is it okay to do it, have you ever done it? If so, how did people react to this?

    I haven't actually done this before, but I've been thinking about it. It seems like a nice way to relax when travelling by bus or train for a long time, for example, and to be honest, I'd really wonder what other people would say.. how it would affect the journey. For example, I was sitting in the bus about a week ago, and a mother and her young daughter were sitting across.. she had a pacifier in her mouth, and I was really wondering what it would be like if I did the same thing (mine was in my backpack).

    Any opinions/experiences?

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    Pacifiers are viewed most commonly (when used by adults/teens) as something ravers use. So, you may be giving off the wrong impression. That said, you're not hurting anyone by doing so, so I don't see a problem with doing so. I had my pacifier hanging out at Anthrocon, though, I didn't actually /use/ it whilst walking around the convention center, but those who did notice it didn't give a shit. :p

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    I think you'd get some weird looks, but probably not much more than that. It's certainly less "in your face" than a diaper - I think it's also associated with the rave culture too.

    However, you still might get younger people making a fuss - probably teenagers giggling and pointing - maybe a bit of mickey taking.

    The worst thing will likely be children - they say everything without thinking - so expect "Mummy, that man's got a pacifier".

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    I've done it. I frequently drive with a paci (I actually keep one in my car for that reason), and I've even done my grocery shopping right after work while sucking my paci. Most people are seriously so wrapped up in their own worlds that they don't notice. A few people reacted, either with a chuckle or odd look, but that's as far as the reactions go.

    It is nice and relaxing. Usually when I wear it in public it's because I've forgotten I was using it in the car. Once I realize it, honestly there is a minute or two where I'm a bit nervous, but usually I can steel my nerves a bit and relax again.

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    I frequently use my pacifier in public. As a teen I would use it all of the time, I used it in class at college, I used it at friends' houses, I used it walking through town, on public transport, at the cinema, really I used it anywhere and everywhere with no thought or care for how I might look. Although it was undoubtedly unusual to see a teenage girl with a pacifier I think it was mainly seen by others as a fashion statement and not as something totally bizarre or strange.

    All of my friends know that I use a pacifier, and I use around most of them regularly, but now I use my pacifier in public a lot less, saving it for places where it is more 'appropriate,' such as at festivals or places where people are likely to be wearing and doing odd things. I also use my pacifier on public transport, such as the bus and train, or in the car a lot, and sometimes if I am somewhere secluded or walking in a quiet street etc where there aren't lots of people about I will use. I am also more likely to use it when I go places where I am unlikely to know anybody else, such as new towns, especially places which I know to be quite liberal or alternative.

    The only people I really try to avoid using a pacifier around are children, especially younger children. Older children usually just tend to giggle or point, but I try to avoid using around younger children in case their parents have discouraged them from using a pacifier and seeing me with one interferes with the parents' efforts to wean their child off their pacifier; I don't want to be the cause of a child turning around and saying, 'but that grown-up lady has a pacifier' when a child is told they are too old for their pacifier and setting back the parent's work to wean them off the pacifier, regardless of whether I agree with that reasoning from parents.

    But in the majority of situations I figure there is no harm in using a pacifier and that it is unlikely to cause disruption to anybody else. The biggest risk is probably of being noticed by somebody you know, such as a neighbour or work colleague, and having to explain why you have a pacifier. For that reason I usually only use in places I know the likelihood of being caught by surprise by someone I know (and who I would care about seeing me) is low. As for reactions, I have rarely gotten a reaction for using a pacifier in public aside from the occasional second glance, child giggling and the odd old man making a quip along the lines of, 'Aren't you too old for that?' Most of the time though I don't think people even notice, and those that do notice don't care. They just see it as something odd, maybe a short anecdote to tell over dinner, "You'll never guess what I saw on the bus today? An adult woman sucking on a pacifier!" but not anything alarming or offensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    It's certainly less "in your face"
    I know what you mean, but I have to point out there is something funny about saying this of a pacifier, as there aren't many things in this world that could be considered more "in your face" than a pacifier, excepting things you actually eat.
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    Back when I was a teenager before I joined the military I used to use my pacifier in public all the time! Granted I was part of my local goth sub-culture and my pacifier was black. My friends thought it was cool and some of them even got one after a while. :P I also used to be somewhat short and I have really big brown eyes so I used to use it to get free coffee at a local coffee house (the barista thought it was cute ).

    But it reallt depends on other facets of your life, like who your friends are, your community, and such. But I don't think that it belongs in the same box as being padded in public.

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    I can't see anything less harmless really than walking around with a pacifier. I'd be a little nervous walking around where I live, but anywhere else I say go for it!

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    I often have my paci in my pocket when I'm out in public, alone; with friends, or with family, whichever it may be. But I have never used it. I don't know why I carry it in my pocket, i guess if I don't use it at least it's there.

    Come to think of it I've never actually considered using it in public, but I guess now I will.

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    I have not used mine in public let but I wear it on my collar or necklace all the time and have never had anybody ask why I have it. I can say I have read that it has been prooven that suking on a pacifier stops snoring and if you think about it have you ever heard a baby sucking on a pacifier snore. So if anybody sees your pacifier or you sucking on one you tell them you keep it with you so you do'nt snore.

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