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    I am looking for a decent diaper locally, but I am unsure what to buy. I see a few different brands, but I need to know which are plastic backed and which are cloth like. The Tena brand is around $33 for a 28 pack. Are they plastic or cloth like. Also is Molicare (my fav when buying online) european? If so, what is the equivalent american brand and can I find them locally?

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    About the best you can hope for in a medical supply store over here, aside from something imported if you're lucky, would be the American Tenas or Tranquility. I believe there are still plastic American Tenas, but I don't know. The Tranquility is plastic.

    Happy shopping!

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    Not always a favorite but they are plastic backed and found in all stores is the Depends Brief.

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    There really isn't an equivalent to molicares that you will find available in most American stores, unless you are at a medical supply store or something like that.

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    While I do not have experience with Molicare (or Tena for that matter), I feel the need to go ahead and recommend 'Tranquility ATN'. I have tried Attends, Bambino and Depends and I honestly prefer the Tranquility over all of them. They are American made and while it's not a Bambino it is a very good diaper for a very reasonable price.

    It's worth getting a sample pack.

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    are Tranquility ATNs plastic? I really like the plastic backed diapers.

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    Tranquility and Molicare's are fantastic but you will need to buy online or a medical store. The other is Euro briefs plastic backed are great.

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