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    Hi, I'm Janka. I'm a closet AB living in Canada. I first discovered through Deeker's diaper page until it descended into senseless pedophilia. I enjoy the humiliation and forced regression aspects of diapers most of all but have never been brave enough to try anything.

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    Aha! Welcome! Another refugee from the dark corner of the Web which dare not speaketh its name on this here forum! (Well, it gets mentioned, but usually with lots of asterisks - "D****r")

    Since you mention a couple of "other" interests there, perhaps you might feel brave enough to contribute to this thread? Or at the very least, take a read through it and see what kind of freaks and weirdos we all are, too

    We like to think of ourselves as more of a supportive community here, though, rather than living in the cesspit of our filthy minds, and as such, like to find out more about member than just the 'obvious' interests we share... So, would you mind telling us a little more about yourself - your hobbies for example?

    And as an icebreaker, some curveball questions for you to answer...
    (Which you must answer correctly, else we don't let you in )
    ... Are you left or right handed?
    ... Do you have a celebrity crush?
    ... Can you moonwalk?

    Good luck with those - they're tough ones! Welcome again, and we hope you settle in around here well enough to contribute to our discussions

    Dan x

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