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Thread: 1000 Ways to Die

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    Default 1000 Ways to Die

    Does anyone watch this?

    I have been addicted ever since it aired, only hating one episode due to the content...

    Other than that, I like to watch it for the scientific content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JATO457 View Post
    Does anyone watch this?

    I have been addicted ever since it aired, only hating one episode due to the content...

    Other than that, I like to watch it for the scientific content.
    Is this the one with the AB?

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    I like it but hate when they show the AB one

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    Well that link you gave showed me something i found very interesting involving the AB one.

    239 Crib Your Enthusiasm September 12, 2009 Redwood City, California A couple who enjoy baby-mother roleplaying build a full nursery, complete with an adult-sized drop-gate crib. During one session, the wife leaves for a brief break, resulting in her husband throwing a tantrum. Accidentally throwing his teddy bear out of the crib, the man reaches through the bars to try and grab it. He shakes the crib with enough force to unlock the gate, which falls and severs the man's vertebrae, causing him to die of asphyxiation. (NOTE: This death is based on infant deaths reported in a study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on the dangers of drop-gate cribs (which resulted in a ban on the cribs in the U.S.), but was adapted to make the death happen to an adult sexual deviant rather than an infant).

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    love it. some of the stuff is a little out there but overall its a kick to watch.

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    Intersting i thought there would be a lot of negative comments on this thread after the ab episode a lot of people on here just stopped watching it.

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    good show. me and my buds used to be addicted to it. now I just watch it once in a while. still a great show

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    The only episodes I didn't like was the AB/DL one and the one with

    THAT was creepy.

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    I sat through this trash while researching Adult Babies on TV. Wish I could have delegated that task to someone else.

    There were two things left out:

    1) The episode was inspired by infant deaths caused by drop-side cribs. These have been a problem. However, showing a real infant being killed would have been accurate, but would have exceeded a threshold in the viewers. They would have to step back and realized that they were enjoying watching others die.

    2) Adult-sized cribs generally have two positive latches, one on each side. Their stage crew would have had to work at getting the latch set just right so that they could plausibly wiggle it loose. They may have even had to drill through the back of the post and push the latch rod, since even if improperly latched, it would be held in place by the friction from the weight of the gate. This is in contrast to infant cribs, which were built to be operated one-handed, and so are much less secure.

    However, these are critical thoughts that show's audience wouldn't raise. Also wasted in that episode was a fictitious man who died by an MSG-induced heart attack, a fictitious woman electrocuted after mistaking a tazer for a vibrator, and a fictitious man killed by the endangered turtle that a bald eagle dropped on him.

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    I like your use of fictitious because I don't believe any of them either. That said, they are amusing, especially the way they are so seriously explained. it's like watching Scfi when that idiot goes off looking for something that doesn't exist and almost finds it. "We captured this authentic footage of the bushes shaking. It's safe to assume that Bigfoot must have been in the bushes, because we said he was."

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