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    well first off my name is krissy. I am a maintenance person for a condo building that works full time. I have been interested in diapers and crossdressing for many years but have no one around to chat with more. Other things i enjoy are hiking and writing poems and short stories as well as inline skating which i have done since 1989 love it,

    If you would like to knwo nay more i am an open book just ask away


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    Hi welcome to ADISC

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    Quote Originally Posted by babbiekrissy View Post
    writing poems and short stories

    Welcome! Another poet/storyteller - awesome! You will find many like-minded folks here, for each of your interests I should imagine!

    I'm a keen poet myself, though most of the 300 are truly atrocious! :Sad: Feel free to share some of your work in the 'Finished Stories' forum - I've no doubt you can acquire some very useful advice/criticism/praise

    Hope you stick around and settle in here

    Dan x

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    Hello; welcome to a happy lil corner of the nets, a tad different from the other abdl sites, and rather more to my liking... Not for being "better" as such in any absolute way but definitely more suited to my taste, and hopefully yours. We are less anarchistic, more moderate and more moderated than the free-ranging diaper sites like DD, ABDLScandinavia, ABkingdom, the wider-interest sites, I call them, as they cater more towards a focus on fun and play: especially play involving being turned on and the other happy feelings that come from abdl roleplay.

    Where they have more porn (gay, straight, furry) we really care about who people are, the people with the urges, who find pleasure inside diapers, whether that pleasure is arousal or other kinds of pleasant feelings. I see us a a complement to the other sites not a substitute... though I find this community is where I prefer to be.

    By the way hi neighbour! I am guessing we may have friends in common, and will pm you in a week, when you can get pm's on this site.

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